Soy and Your Health

Soy and Women’s Health

An important recent study found that soy food consumption did not increase the risk of cancer recurrence or death among survivors of breast cancer. Women in the highest intake category of soy foods had a 9 percent reduced risk of mortality and a 15 percent reduced risk for recurrence compared to those who had the lowest intake level. Researchers used data from a multi-institution collaborative study called the After Breast Cancer Pooling Project. Breast cancer outcomes were assessed, on average, nine years after cancer diagnosis. Continue reading “Soy and Your Health”

Simple Steps to Optimize Your Health

SubscribeButton-weboptimal nutritionHow do you feel today? Is your answer just… OK? You’re not sneezing or coughing. You’re not in pain. You’re just… there. Wouldn’t you rather answer an enthusiastic, “I feel great!?” Continue reading “Simple Steps to Optimize Your Health”

Exercise, Diet and Your Waist Line



Scale Lying 8-3-11


Often the new year’s holy grail is weight loss. There’s no way around it; if you want to lose weight, exercise alone isn’t enough — you need to watch your calorie intake too.

Cutting calories does not mean starving yourself to lose weight. In fact, crash dieting to lose weight quickly makes your brain more stress-prone and increases your chances of binge eating. So those pounds will boomerang and bring friends with them, pushing your scale numbers even higher. Continue reading “Exercise, Diet and Your Waist Line”

Strengthing the Immune System

SubscribeButton-webimmune systemThe immune system is the body’s self-defense mechanism. It’s on constant alert for foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. If the immune system detects these intruders, it attacks them or removes them in more indirect ways. Continue reading “Strengthing the Immune System”

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

clip_image001 For 10 years, Karen Johnson of Gilbert, Arizona, tried everything she could to lose weight: liquid diets, pills, meal plans — you name it. The results were always the same: lose about 10-15 pounds and then put it all right back on. “The worst part is that a lot of these diet plans forced me to starve myself,” she says. “I would feel hungry and low on energy all the time.”
On January 4, 2007, Karen discovered Relìv’s new Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. After only six weeks, she shed 25 pounds, and she feels great! “With Slimplicity, you don’t have to deprive yourself of a normal, healthy diet,” she says. “I feel better than I’ve felt in years. I’ve even started exercising again.”
Karen replaces just one meal a day with a Slimplicity shake. Otherwise, she eats as she always has. “The shake is delicious and very filling, and the system’s Accelerator capsules help curb my appetite the rest of the time.
“As a mother of seven and caretaker for my parents, I don’t have time to count every carb or calorie. Slimplicity is doable and sustainable because it’s easy. And it really does work. I’m down two dress sizes and wearing the clothes I want to wear. My self-confidence has never been higher.”

Loving Life Again


clip_image001 Libby Kroezen, of Ontario, Canada, was spending a lot of her time and money at the health food stores before she heard about Relìv. A bad car accident twenty-five years ago left her with back problems that made working impossible. Surgery was looking likely and the arthritis that had also set in made daily living even more challenging.
“I’m really a kid at heart,” Libby says. “But I couldn’t pick up my grandkids and throw them up in the air like I wanted to. I couldn’t do any of the things I like to do, like riding carnival rides, playing baseball, volleyball and basketball.”
Libby heard about Relìv on the local radio and called immediately to find out more. Five months after starting the products, she reports she was feeling great.
“I will never be without Relìv,” she says. “It is my nourishment. I’m over 65 and I feel better than I did at 45. I’m so thankful to God and Relìv. Now, when I hear someone talking about poor health, I say, ‘Let me tell you what happened to me!’”

Ready For Next Fifty Years!


clip_image001 Lindsay Madding, of Livingston, Montana, is only 51 years old, but not so long ago she felt like she was falling apart. Due to bone and joint discomfort, she wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to clean houses — the best way she knew how to make a living.
When she turned to her sister in despair one night, Lindsay learned about Relìv. She went to a meeting and started the products right away. Other treatment options had failed her.
“I couldn’t even pick up any of my eight grandchildren,” she says, recalling the pain.
After eight weeks, Lindsay’s knees felt much better, and at three months she felt like her pain had been cut in half. Troubling meno-pausal issues were no longer a problem either, and she was pleased to be sleeping through the night.
“My body was ready for this great nutrition, and I have a better sense of who I am,” she says. “I’m ready for the next 50 years. I want to watch my grandkids get married and I’m going to be there for that. With these products and this amazing company, I’m truly blessed.”

Running With Relìv


clip_image001 Ginger Nocera, of Washington, D.C., wasn’t going to let anything prevent her from participating in a marathon — not even a stress injury to her left foot.
“I was determined to run this marathon,” says the 26-year-old, who trained six months before she experienced a setback. “Everyone in my training group had one kind of injury or another. This marathon was in Hawaii and only three weeks away. I wasn’t going to cancel.”
Ginger turned to Relìv for help. She’d known about the company and the products for years, but admits she was never consistent with taking them properly.
“My best friend’s family has been involved with Relìv for a very long time,” Ginger says. “I guess I just took it for granted.”
She started constantly taking three powerful Relìv shakes a day and had great results. She completed the run and wasn’t affected with heat exhaustion or other common post-marathon complications.
And her Relìv results are still coming. She’s waking before her alarm each morning and her problems with irregular menstrual cycles are also better.

Persistence Pays Off

clip_image001 Two years ago, Sue Randolph from Henderson, Kentucky, was struggling to keep up with her job as a school bus driver. Her declining health had already forced her to give up the house cleaning business she’d built over time.
“My fibromyalgia was getting worse — and I was suffering from the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a sciatic nerve problem and bulging disc in my back. I also have curvature of the spine, a childhood condition,” Sue says. “I was having a lot of trouble getting into my vehicle and couldn’t even walk up and down the stairs without help.” For the first three months after starting on Relìv nutrition, Sue saw improvement in her hair, skin, nails, and the charley horses in her hands and feet, but her major problems persisted.
“I knew nutrition was important regardless, so I continued with the basic nutrition, adding FibRestore® and Arthaffect®,” Sue notes. “And I slowly began to feel better — I even started sleeping through the night. Nine months after starting on Relìv, I felt 80% improved, and my chronic respiratory problems were relieved, as well.”
Sue feels so good these days, she’s even cleaning her house again. “But I won’t be cleaning for anyone else,” she states. “My husband, Denford, and I love everything about Relìv, so we’re building a business!”

Rediscovering What it Means to Feel Good


clip_image001 With seven children between the ages of two and 25, Patricia Wallace of Madison, Missouri, was used to feeling tired all the time and dealing with what she thought were “ordinary” aches and pains.
“I figured it all came with the territory of being an older mom,” Patricia says. “My life was about putting one foot in front of the other to get through the day.”
It wasn’t long after she started on Relìv’s basic nutrition that Patricia began to realize just how much better she actually could feel.
“The first thing I noticed was a phenomenal increase in my energy level — and then I noticed I wasn’t itching and sneezing my way through the allergy season,” she states. “And within six months of starting on the products, the heel pain from the plantar’s fasciitis I’d developed during my last pregnancy was much improved.
“I haven’t had a cold sore in nine months, when I used to have three or four outbreaks per year, and I can’t even remember the last time I had a bladder or yeast infection,” Patricia continues, adding that her daughter and son, in particular, have also achieved great results with Relìv.
“Now I know what it means to have energy and feel good!”