A Great Life With Relìv

clip_image001 Jeff and Becky Bauman of Drayton, Ontario, Canada, thank Relìv for helping them enjoy their professional and family lives to the fullest.
Before Relìv, Jeff, a fifteen-year professional in the demanding construction business, was looking for a way to increase his productivity.
“I suffered from after-lunch slumps where my energy level was really low,” he recalls. “Also, my aching muscles and the stress of a whole week’s work gave me headaches on some weekends.”
Becky shared similar concerns. “I was always exhausted, and found it difficult to rise from bed every morning,” she says. “Even when I slept extra hours, I still needed long afternoon naps.” Fatigue, aggravated by a chronic hearing difficulty, forced Becky to battle depression and emotional turmoil.
With Relìv, Jeff happily reports he’s having productive days at multiple job sites without energy lapses. He has also bid farewell to weekend headaches! For her part, Becky enjoys newfound restful sleep, and more energy to enjoy her family.
“We have so much fun with Relìv,” Becky says, “and we’ll continue sharing our great experience with everyone!”

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