The Inside Scoop on Reliv Bonus and Award Winners from February 2021

We love to hear from our Reliv Distributors who are making advancements, earning bonuses, and showing how to shake up their business. Below, you’ll hear from our newest Reliv Directors, Distributors who earned bonuses, and our new Global Leadership Team members about their Reliv regimen, results, and what they’re doing to grow their Reliv businesses. You might even get some great advice to help you follow in their footsteps!

Dawn Tucci, Global Ambassador Team

Q: What does it mean to you to have qualified for the 2022 Global Ambassador Team?

A: Being on the Global Ambassador Team and working alongside the leaders in Reliv is such an honor. It’s a level of achievement that makes me want to persevere to reach Presidential, as well as play a contributing role in our success as a worldwide wellness company. I look forward to traveling, growing as a leader in this company, and bringing others along with me to achieve their health and financial goals.

Kimberly & Ritchie Burns, Global Ambassador Team

Q: What does it mean to you to have qualified for the 2022 Global Ambassador Team?

A: Wahoo! We are so thrilled to have the honor to be a part of this new Global Ambassador Team! It will be a blast to work with other leaders from around the world and together, help our company and our organizations to reach even higher heights. We are rooting everyone on!

Reliv Director Erin Heim

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Dubuque, Iowa

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
Reliv Now® with Soy, Innergize®, Arthaffect®, ProVantage® and LunaRich X™ when needed.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and raise our children with our faith and values. After our second was born, I joined as a Master Affiliate because I not only wanted the best price for our family, but also because I wanted to give hope to those who are looking for better health and business opportunities. What I love about my business is that I can do this with my family! Reliv is the best nutrition around and gives people the hope they have been searching for.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I have experienced an increase in energy and improved joint health. I also used Reliv for prenatal support, stress relief, and muscle recovery.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I am able to be home with my kids and run around day in and day out! I have the energy to keep up with my two kids, who are 1 and 3, as well as my 1-year-old nephew. They keep me on my toes and I have no limitations on what we can do! We regularly hike, bike, swim, run, etc.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I regularly use a planner and dedicate time to Reliv. I do this business part time, and when I stay consistent with my planner and provide great customer service, I really see how the income flows. It’s all about being intentional.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: People are always sharing how they feel and how they need help. When talking with friends and acquaintances, I let them know that I have something that may help them with their concerns. Sending videos and sharing our daily call opportunities is beneficial. Really showing them compassion and giving them hope shows them that I truly care.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Work closely with your up line and make the most of support systems! They are amazing and will be so useful throughout your journey. Keep track of everything you do, stay organized, and consistent. Remember:  a “no” today is not always a “no” tomorrow. Stay positive!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: My goal is to be able to help my family more financially. Help to pay our mortgage each month is a start. When I achieve that goal, then I want to be able to pay all bills for the month. After I achieve that goal, I want to be able to put my children into private schooling.

Reliv Director Carmen Norkiewicz

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Clinton Township, Michigan

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I love my shakes and look forward to them! I include many Reliv products in my daily shakes including Reliv Now®, Reliv Now® for Kids, LunaRich X™, Arthaffect®, ProVantage®, Active, Burn, FibRestore®, Innergize®, ReversAge®, 24K®, CardioSentials® and GlucAffect®. I also enjoy using RLV Hemp + Melatonin, RLV Hemp Full Spectrum 750, and RLV Hemp Balm.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: Two years ago, I said “no” to my friend when she originally approached me to try Reliv products. In May 2020, out of desperation from physical discomfort in my back, I decided to try RLV Hemp + Melatonin, which allowed me to get the improved sleep I needed to heal. Wow! I was excited about the results, which convinced me about the benefits of Reliv, and so I began incorporating more products into my life. I entered in at the top profit level so I could purchase products at the best price point.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: RLV Hemp + Melatonin 500mg has helped to reduce the discomfort in my back and feet. It enabled me to bend more freely after a few months of use, which has helped me increase the flexibility in my back. I am sleeping better, and wake up refreshed with more energy. My brain fog has disappeared and I enjoy greater mental clarity. My sinuses have improved.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I am walking and exercising more often because I feel better and have more energy. The business aspect has provided me with a supplemental income to bolster my fixed retirement income. I love it!

Q: What do you do that helps grow your Reliv business?
A: Sharing my story, along with the other amazing stories available to us via various avenues of live and recorded calls helps me to reach out to new people. I regularly connect customers with my upline and people who have had inspiring results. It’s so easy to share the videos on our Reliv app, which makes sharing information with customers so very easy!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I tell them that I have found the key to nutritional health that has given me amazing results and a new lease on life!

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: I have learned so much from so many Reliv mentors. Mindy Jones says, “Don’t get attached to the outcome!” My upline mentor, Cindy Grabowski, encourages me to, “Meet the customer where he or she is at this moment.” Pam Thielen’s words also inspire me: “Small victories add up to big victories.” Whether the victory is a healthy weight loss, a new customer, or a new insight gained, each small victory cements the foundation of our success.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: I currently have one Quick Start client, one Master Affiliate, and two retail customers who purchase directly from me. My next goal is to sign up my two retail customers as Preferred Autoship Customers and pick up a few more Quick Starts. I am working to build a solid base.

Reliv Director Laura Steiner

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Ridgecrest, California

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I take Reliv Now®, Innergize®, and FibRestore®.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: I knew Reliv could rebuild my body cell by cell and I knew I needed the best. I knew it would help me from the stories of others it had already helped. Reliv doesn’t let you down.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I have experienced improved brain performance including recall, memory, and the ability to multitask well. I have better balance, energy, and sleep. My seasonal allergies have improved, and I have seen benefits with my vision. The discomfort in my joints has improved, which is a great benefit.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Reliv has made some of my health problems tolerable. I can think better at work and learn a new job that is high stress to finish out my career in project management at a senior level. Prior to Reliv, I couldn’t imagine living this way for very long. Now, I feel normal again.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I listen to what is going on around me and I focus on their issue and how Reliv can help them. It’s about them, not you.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: Reliv is the best nutritional supplement you can consume. It’s a perfect balance of everything your body needs in a form your body can easily absorb, making it highly effective.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Use your up line until you are confident.  Plug into the system (zoom calls in today’s world) and use it to build your distribution network!  By using the system, it will duplicate and build you a distribution network that will continue for the rest of your life.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: I want to advance to Key Director.

Reliv Director Karen Zea

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Lake Shore, Utah

Q: In addition to Reliv what are your other gigs?
A: I am a homeschooling mom of 22 years. In my former life, before homeschooling, I was a labor and delivery nurse. I have been on a natural healing path for the last 20 years. Six years ago, we moved to a small farm with goats that we milk, chickens, and rabbits. Life is beautiful!

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I am currently drinking three shakes per day that include Reliv Classic®, ProVantage®, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®. I also make “Arthaffect tea” with 1 scoop in warm water with some Innergize! Lower Sugar.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: I chose Reliv because I was praying for answers to my health problems, and this was God’s answer. Reliv works! I heard the stories and knew I would have results if I would make the commitment.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I love the positive people and positive principles that I hear in business training. It helps me improve all aspects of my life.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I pray for inspiration to touch the people in most need of Reliv. Then I write down the names that come to my mind and contact them. I try to share with someone new every day. My job is to share!  I can’t make their decisions for them, but I can show them how much I care and what it has done for me and others.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I tell others I have something that can help them!  As a nurse, it is important to me that Reliv products have patents and scientific studies. And there is no risk to try it. It is guaranteed. Then I share stories; they are the most powerful.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Don’t pay attention to the overnight success stories. Be consistent, and be you, and the business will grow.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: My next goal is a solid 2000PV for my personal group each month. I want to build a business that will continue to grow, and I need a strong personal group. That means I am focusing on Promo 1-2-3 every day.

Lera Hobbes
1st place in Top 3 for February 2021

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Edmond, Oklahoma

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I take Reliv Classic®, Innergize®, and FibRestore® (the Mighty 3) as well as CardioSentials® and LunaRich X™.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: I chose Reliv first and foremost because early on I saw the culture of Reliv was people helping people. Having been in the ministry all my life, that is that meant a lot to me! Then, of course, I saw the unequaled science that backed up the products. It gave me the confidence to share with those I care about the most.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: My allergies are under control and I can support healthy blood sugar levels. With LunaRich X™, I am able to support healthy cholesterol levels. I have the energy to last the day (and then some)!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Oh, my goodness! My whole family and all in-laws take Reliv! We have enjoyed the blessings of meeting any health challenge with the Reliv products! Reliv has given me a way to minister to people on so many levels. I would not have been able to stay at home and homeschool our children and be as active in the ministry were it not for the Reliv income!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I listen to people. I smile at strangers (even with a mask on!). I give my time to Distributors and customers and give the best service I can. I am always making lists of people that I think about or happen to meet along the way. Then I tackle first what I’m most afraid of:  those people on my chicken list. I call them first! It really sets the tone for the rest of my day! It’s easier from then on!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: It depends on with whom I’m speaking. I share my story; I talk about the sound science behind the products; the generous compensation plan especially for those who need even a little extra income; sometimes the Reliv Kalogris Foundation and what I’ve seen them do. It depends on the person’s interest.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Ride on the strength, experience, and conviction of your upline. I earned an income even before my wall of belief was sturdy because I had mentors who led in the appointments, gave the presentations, and helped me with follow-up. Be a good listener first and foremost.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: Help those in my organization to reach their goals. I truly believe what Bob Montgomery says about helping those reaching their goals will lead to you reaching yours.

Julia & Benjamin Murray
2nd in Top 3 for February 2021

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: We live in San Leandro, California not far from beautiful San Francisco.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: Oh, that is easy. My go-to products on a consistent basis are Reliv Now®, FibRestore®, 24K® and, LunaRich X™. At night, my best friend (next to my husband) is ReversAge®. From time-to-time, I add Innergize®, Active, and Purify.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: When I was first introduced to Reliv, it was the products and the science that caught my eye. I was not necessarily interested in the business aspect. I was working a full-time career in corporate America, had two special needs boys, there was no way I wanted to put more on my plate. But the health results that my family received opened my eyes to the business opportunity. I had to allow the teaching and mentoring of my helpful upline to really take hold of me and transform my thinking. It was, without a doubt, the best decision we made four years ago.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: When I first started on Reliv products four years ago, things that really stood out were my appetite for sweet and salty things quieted down. I started sleeping like a baby and waking up feeling refreshed. My girlfriends told me that my skin had a refreshed glow. I no longer had to blow my nose in the morning to breathe, and my sinuses were clear.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: First and foremost, it is personal growth. I feel like I have grown by leaps and bounds. I love the fact that Reliv gives you all the tools to personalize your business. You work it the way that fits your style. Our Northern California team is creative, innovative, and incredibly supportive. As a team, we care about each other and go that extra mile for one another. This builds unity and trust. Secondly, I have found that I push myself to not be afraid to try new ways to reach prospects. I love all the training and conference calls that help support me in my business. I glean a lot of how-to from other distributors and think, “I can do that!” which motivates me to stretch my thinking and sometimes even change the way I approach situations.

Q: What do you do that helps grow your Reliv business?
A: One of the main things that I have learned from my upline is to listen. Once you get people engaged in conversation they usually talk about their health or finances. Because the pandemic has limited my ability to meet people personally, I have been using Facebook groups. It is a platform people use to talk about their concerns, pain, and hope. I take the time to be compassionate towards their individual situations. It takes time for doors to open this way, but it is worth it. I have built some really cool relationships that I can call my friends although we have only met briefly on Facebook.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I am learning to say, “I have a business based on products that have changed my family’s health, you have to see what I am doing!” I love talking about the humanitarian arm of Reliv—the Reliv Kalogris Foundation and how we as distributors get the privilege of feeding malnourished children around the world with the best nutrition in the world!

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Listen to your upline. Follow their lead. Do not recreate the wheel; it is not necessary. Plug into the Reliv system. It has been tested and shown to be successful. Let go of preconceived notions. Have a teachable heart. You will be amazed at how your business will grow!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: Our next goal is to advance to Senior Director. Ben and I look forward to building our business consistently, by working with our upline and our team to make our dreams and their dreams a reality. Having the opportunity to change individuals’ lives one person at a time just makes my heart happy to be a part of an amazing company.

Miriam Wolf
3rd in Top 3 for February 2021

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Beaverton, Oregon

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: Reliv Now®, Innergize®, and FibRestore®, SoySentials®, LunaRich X™.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
There are so many wonderful reasons I choose Reliv: it’s a solid company with exciting research and development. The community of Distributors that Reliv provides is unmatched. Every single person you meet is friendly, supportive, helpful, and cheering you on – no matter if they’re connected to you or not; I haven’t seen that anywhere else!

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I’ve seen results with irregular cycles, clearer skin (avoiding hormonal acne breakouts), and even skin coloring: I call it the “Reliv glow!” I’ve also used Reliv nutrition as my primary prenatal supplement during two pregnancies. My two young children have benefited from Reliv nutrition from the womb and are super healthy! Unlike their young friends, I know they have strong immune systems.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Reliv nutrition has given me a higher quality of life from a young age and the health benefits have evolved with me through changing seasons of life, from my teen years to my early 30s. Reliv has also changed the way I think about health and wellness. As a critical care RN, it is incredibly refreshing to focus on wellness through Reliv nutrition and to share hope with people in a different way than a strictly medical approach.

Q: What do you do that helps grow your Reliv business?
A: As a mom of a baby and a toddler, there is rarely a “perfect time” to work on my Reliv business. I have stopped waiting for perfection and started to focus on what it really means to work Reliv into the “cracks of your life.” Consistently doing a little bit goes a lot further than inconsistent sprints!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: Lately, I have approached friends about Reliv with an emphasis on supporting the immune system, since it’s something that everybody is more conscious of lately. I tell them that Reliv provides optimal nutrition in a safe and comprehensive way, and I’ll plug them into stories to validate the real results it brings.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Success in the Reliv business does not come by flying solo. Link arms with your sponsor and team and plug into the many resources in the Reliv success system!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: I want to advance to Key Director!

Reliv Champions Challenge Winners Announced —4th Quarter 2020

By Director of Product Development & Fit3 Trainer Tina Van Horn

Join us in congratulating the winners of the most recent Reliv Fit3 Champions Challenge! They worked hard at making positive lifestyle choices to complete all of the challenge criteria. With the support of Reliv’s optimal nutrition and the Fit3 Facebook community, each of the winners celebrated non-scale victories along with their measurable results to earn some fantastic prizes. Be sure to search #RelivChampionsChallenge to follow their journeys.

Beginner Division

Champion: $500 Cash
Jennifer Barnes,  Michigan

“I tried for 6 years to lose weight but nothing was happening. This year with the help of taking Reliv products and weekly encouragement, I lost 18 pounds* and 11 inches during the 4th Quarter Champions Challenge! I have more energy and feel stronger every day. My motivation levels have skyrocketed and I truly feel like a Champion. I am looking forward to the next challenge to keeping my health in my sights!”

Runner Up: $250 Product Credit
Erin Muhlestein, Arizona

“I have been on Reliv products for 17 years and I have seen many amazing results. Focusing on Fit3 I was able to curb my appetite and not crave the sugary foods at all. In fact, my body craves healthy food. I lost 13 pounds and so many inches! Now I even have more energy and stamina during the day. My mental attitude has definitely improved and I have a much better overall sense of well-being. Even though I am over 50, since I began the Fit3 Program and made my mental and physical health a priority, my clarity and focus have improved. I feel so much better about myself!”

Veteran Division

Champion: $500 Cash
Dawn Tucci, Pennsylvania

“This challenge I was faced with not being able to run because of some injuries so I had to modify my workout routine to reach my goal of getting stronger! The Fit3 principles really helped keep me on track with my nutrition choices so I could enjoy my “fun” foods in moderation, while using the workouts to balance my exercise program with more strength training and consistent use of Reliv products.

During this Champions Challenge, I gained approximately 1/2 inch in each arm and lost 2 inches from waist. My weight increased by 3 pounds, but I am smaller. I feel stronger and more balanced! I love the community that has formed in my area because of Fit3. It is a thrill to help others change by teaching them how to use the Fit3 principles that worked for me.”

Runner Up: $250 Product Credit
Angie Chinn, Ohio

I am a Reliv Champion because since I started the Reliv products more than a year ago, I feel great. If I miss a shake I sure can tell. Looking back on my beginning pictures I just don’t recognize that person. I am more than 40 pounds lighter since I started participating in the Reliv Champions Challenges! During this Challenge, I lost another 10 pounds, 8 inches, and 2 sizes! Healthy feels so good! Thanks, Reliv!”

Runner Up: $250 Product Credit
Cathy Sudo, Pennsylvania

I keep participating in the Reliv Champion Challenges because fitness is important to me in many ways. The best gift that I can give myself and my family is a healthy and strong body. Building strength has been my goal so that I can continue to fully enjoy the outdoor activities that my family loves. It’s also very important that I set a good example for my two boys and teach them the importance of exercise and good nutrition.”

Fitness Friends Division

Champions: $250 Product Credit Each
Vickie Grove and Christine Schleinkofer, Pennsylvania

Vickie: “I knew the holidays were going to be tough, but I refused to be defeated before I even began, so I wrote a note to myself declaring ‘I am a winner, I will reach my goal and not give up.’ I worked hard to make smart food choices despite so many family gatherings and I was very disciplined to increase my weekly workouts! I was hoping to maintain the 15-pound weight loss from the previous two challenges, so I was shocked when I realized that I lost 4 more pounds. I never imagined that I would get down to a size 6 jeans ever again, but I did! A healthier me is the best Christmas gift I could ever give myself! I have energy like I had when I was in my 30s and I am 65.”

Christine: “With Reliv in my life for almost 5 years I’m accomplishing things I never thought I could do, like Zumba and hiking. I have enough energy to do Zumba 4 times per week and keep up with my very active grandchildren! During the last 2 Challenges, I dropped 16 pounds, my skin improved, my clothes fit better and my sugar cravings are down! It’s a win all around!”

All Challenge Finishers: $100 Product Credit

Ali Crockett Jennifer Barnes
Angela Malis Jill Savage
Angie Chinn Lauren Laird
Barry Williams Laurie Eaton
Carol Rose Loren Hallenbeck
Cathy Sudo Lynn Devereux
Christine Schleinkofer Mike Greenwood
Cristina Reguindin Mindy Meyer
Darla Posner Miriam V. Martinez/Owens
Dawn Tucci Naomi Lydick
Dawn Williams Nicole Martineau
Dodi McCune Rene’ Kisrow
Erin Muhlestein Ruth Kettler
Gloria Jane Bromley Tami Martineau
Hermelinda Belt Tara DeGroff

Make plans now to join the next Reliv Champions Challenge, which is set to kick off on April 1, 2021. Registration opens March 15, 2021.

*Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved with Fit3 fitness program.

The Inside Scoop on Reliv Bonus and Award Winners from January 2021

We love to hear from our Reliv Distributors who are making advancements, earning bonuses, and showing how to shake up their business. Below, you’ll hear from Distributors and couples about their Reliv regimen, results, and what they’re doing to grow their Reliv businesses. You might even get some great advice to help you follow in their footsteps!

Reliv Key Director Carole Biltz

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Eureka, Montana

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I love the Reliv products and I’m so grateful for them as I have a large family of 7 biological kids and 2 bonus which equals 9 kids! I will tell you that the Reliv products have been an essential part of me being a happy healthy mom that I feel called to be! For one; I can actually sleep at night which is so important! I have a long list of how Reliv products have changed my life for the better and I thank God for them all the time and pray myself and my family never have to face being without them!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: We believe Reliv is a gift from God, and introducing people to by sharing stories is how we have built a thriving Reliv business! I’m sure as my children start to experience again the incredible benefits and results of Reliv, they will want to get involved.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: My advice to a new Distributor is similar to the advice I’ve been given: it’s not about me! Have a good attitude and look for opportunities to serve others for what THEY need. When sharing, do it with your heart and always listen. After all, we have two ears but only one mouth for a reason!

Reliv Senior Director Dawn Tucci

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I am a dietitian and promote a healthy lifestyle on social media.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I drink two shakes per day. Each has Reliv Classic®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, Arthaffect®, SoySentials®, ReversAge®, ProVantage®. I also take 2 LunaRich X™ capsules and Purify at night.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I have experienced freedom from menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and the frequency of my headaches has decreased. I have great stamina and sleep well. I have also experienced an improved ability to exercise.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I live the best life possible with regard to my health. Helping others with their health is what I have always done in my career as a dietitian, and I am able to do that even better today by incorporating the Reliv products. I also have a great purpose every day to help others with their health of their business. My lifetime goal of feeding hungry children is becoming a reality thanks to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. I’ve also grown personally and professionally and now have friends all over the world.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I network online and in person when possible. I get referrals every week because I have provided great customer service and people have gotten results. I also reach out through social media and am continuing to develop this avenue of effectively reaching people and supporting them.

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life?
A: My Reliv business has helped pay for my family’s products. It has also allowed the purchase of some extras. Now I am investing a bit of it in growing my social media presence and am seeing some that I can place in our family’s budget.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I tell people that this company has made a difference in my life and they need to hear about what we do.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Just get started. Take the products consistently and build your own story and wall of belief. Let those who helped you help others. Let the people around you know that you have found something that really works.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: My next goal is to be invited into the worldwide Ambassador program and keep earning bonuses!

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 
A: I had a need with my health which forced me to be open to this. I had been approached before but did not see how this could be any different from the other supplements that were not working. I chose Reliv because I heard stories of how it was helping people.

Reliv Key Director Janet Gildred
Congratulations to Janet, who placed 2nd in the Top 3 Bonus for January 2021

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Palm Coast, Florida

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I love helping family, the community, and being involved in my church.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: My shakes include Reliv Classic®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, LunaRich X™ and for afternoon focus, Reliv Now® for Kids, 24K® and ReversAge®.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: My results with Reliv have been life-changing! As long as I am consistent with the Reliv nutrition my muscle discomfort is relieved. The headaches I have had for years have diminished greatly and if I do have one it is less severe. I cannot be more grateful for these positive changes! I have enjoyed more energy, focus, confidence, and a greater sense of well-being. I am so blessed with this stellar, pure nutrition!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: All of the results I mentioned above and I love being part of the Reliv community, great people! Also, it is so rewarding to be able to offer people hope with health and finances through all that Reliv has to offer.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I listen and talk with people wherever I go and I use the Reliv system.

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life?
A: It helps me pay bills, increase my savings, and be more giving with church and ministry. It has given me a vision for myself and others for the future!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I ask questions and have a conversation then share what it’s done for my life and my family’s lives.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Work in partnership with your upline. Stories, stories, stories. Great customer service shows people I care. Paint the picture. Follow the Reliv system.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: Talk to more people and advance to the next Director level.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: It was my answer to prayer!

 Kim Lucas
Congratulations to Kim, who placed 3rd place in the Top 3 Bonus for January 2021!

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Baldwinsville, New York, which is just outside of Syracuse

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: My husband and I like to work out and salsa dance along with other ballroom dances. I’ve just been introduced to cross-country skiing after years of downhill skiing by one of the new extraordinary Master Affiliates. I love reading books and singing and soon will add motorcycle riding in the spring with my husband. We also have the privilege of coordinating a Bible fellowship with a group. We like to travel when available and enjoy spending time with our family and friends.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: My Reliv regimen is at least 2 shakes per day. I drink Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, and Reliv Defense. I also occasionally add extra LunaRich X™, Arthaffect® and RLV Hemp Balm.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Reliv has had a wonderful impact on my life, as I have claimed back my health. I used to suffer from a knee injury and sports and work-related muscle discomfort in my back, neck, shoulder, and wrist. As for the business, I have the freedom to live my life healthy while helping others. Best of all, I am rewarded for a job well done. My financial future is bright and in sight and I love helping others meet their health and financial goals.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: To help grow my business, I stay connected to my wise upline. I have utilized the brilliant success system and tapped into the tools made available from corporate (such as my web bundle where I can get awesome videos, product info, etc. out to customers quickly with such professionally put-together info). I reach out on Facebook, at the dance studio, stores, the gym, restaurants, and basically where ever I go. It is a human valley of need!

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Stick tight with your upline and be coachable. Utilize the success system. Learn about all the tools available such as the videos, product flyers, and information we have access to, and share them with others. Enjoy this remarkable journey. Enjoy the friendships and the spectacular culture of this business. It is a greenhouse for growth.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: To become Senior Director with 10 stars (I have been blessed with 8 at this time) and to help my downline achieve their goals.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 
A: I choose Reliv because it is a sterling, amazing, integrity-filled opportunity that has changed my life, my family’s lives, and so many others for the better with our health and with our financial futures. It is my honor to work and represent Reliv. My husband, Bill, is behind the scenes supporting me all the way!

Reliv Key Director Mary & Kermit Bright
Congratulations to Mary & Kermit, who placed 1st in the Top 3 Bonus for January 2021!

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: We live on 45 acres in Holt, Missouri with our two Black Labrador Retrievers. We have a 180-acre hunting farm with a cabin.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: We take Reliv Now®, FibRestore®, Innergize!®, Arthaffect®, and ReversAge® at breakfast. We also have a shake at dinner. Kermit has CardioSentials® and GlucAffect® with LunaRich® in all his shakes.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I was in a car accident in 1999 and experienced some injuries. I had to quit my job and filed for disability. But in 2003, I heard a commercial about Reliv on the radio, tried it, and got some relief. My husband has also had great health improvement because of LunaRich® and Reliv products.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Use your up line, go to meetings and conferences, and share your stories with others.

Reliv Director Ruthann Bowen

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Butler, Pennsylvania

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I’m a web designer and author. I just published my first book, The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Own Website in a Weekend.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I faithfully take Reliv Now® with Whey and FibRestore® every day.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I’ve noticed a huge decrease in hot flashes!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Not only has Reliv helped keep me healthy, but also it has also helped my mom and her friends stay healthy. They love being on the products and tell all their friends!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: One thing that really helped was having a group meeting/discussion that my mom, Dawn Tucci, and I hosted. We invited her neighbors and friends and they got all excited about Reliv and have been telling their friends about it ever since. That one meeting really created a spark!

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life?
A: It’s nice to have extra money pop into your bank account every month. Every little bit helps!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I share my story and tell them about the positive health benefits they can enjoy just by simply drinking a shake.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Don’t ever think what you’re doing is “too small.” You never know who’s going to hop on board and become a real Reliv champion.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: I’d love to add 10 more people to my list!

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 
A: I chose Reliv because I could see the health benefits right away. It’s so easy to stay healthy with Reliv.

Want to see your name on this list next month? Learn how to earn a Reliv bonus of your very own!

The Inside Scoop on Reliv Bonus and Award Winners from December 2020

We love to hear from our Reliv Distributors who are making advancements, earning bonuses, and showing how to shake up their business. Below, you’ll hear from four Distributors and couples about their Reliv regimen, results, and what they’re doing to grow their Reliv businesses. You might even get some great advice to help you follow in their footsteps!

Reliv Director Hope Harmon

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Portland, Oregon

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I work as the middle school pastor for Butteville Community Church. I also run my friend’s old fashioned hat shop, You Can Leave Your Hat On, on an as-needed basis.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I am currently drinking four shakes per day. My shakes include Reliv Classic®, LunaRich X™, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, 24K®, SoySentials®, Arthaffect®, and Reliv Now® for Kids Chocolate.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I’ve been on the products for a year now, and honestly feel that they have changed my life for the better.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I have more energy and no longer suffer from joint discomfort. My brain fog is beginning to lift, and my skin coloring is returning. I’m sleeping better, and my mood has greatly improved. I feel like I’m becoming a new person.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I hope to grow my business because I’m motivated to help people and witness their lives change.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I am now on fire for Reliv and feel very passionate about advocating for others who are looking for wellness.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: I consider myself a beginner, as I’m only just touching the surface of what Reliv has to offer. But, my advice to any Distributor would be to consider their “why Reliv” and use it to fuel their business!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: My next goal in my own business is to strive toward becoming a Reliv Ambassador because I have a lot of vision. I will take it day by day, and understand that through determination, dedication, and compassion that I will get where I want to be. More importantly, I will be serving others along the way.


Val & Tom Moody
Congratulations to the Moodys for earning our Top 6 bonus, Sales Excellence Award, and qualifying for Promo 2 and 3! Learn more about these promotions and how to earn a bonus of your own here

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Countryside, Illinois

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, ReversAge®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, Arthaffect®, RLV Hemp + Melatonin, RLV Hemp Balm as needed. We also add LunaRich X™and Reliv Defense capsules. There are so many to remember! If you’re not taking Reliv Defense, please add it!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: Get the Reliv story out to new people every day. Use webinars and calls every day. Even if we don’t have a new person on, it helps us stay focused if we’re on every day.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: Incredible business opportunity because our products work. We tell our Reliv story, then ask “how can Reliv help you?”

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Think of others you can help, not just yourself. Use the webinars and calls consistently. This business is challenging if you’re out there trying to talk to people without sharing stories to validate.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: Identify and work with three more distributors that are committed to doing what it takes to become Presidential Directors.


Beth Mull

Congratulations to Beth, who placed 1st in Top 6 Bonus, earned a Sales Excellence Award, and qualified for Promo 2 and 3!

Q: What is your hometown?
A: Allouez, Michigan

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I perform 25-30 hours of occupational and physical therapy with four clients each week.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I take a wide variety of Reliv products! My daily regimen includes LunaRich X™, Reliv Defense, Burn, ReversAge® and Innergize!® in the morning, a shake with Reliv Now®, Arthaffect®, and FibRestore® in the late morning. Then in the late afternoon, I drink a shake with Active, Reliv Now® for Kids Chocolate and SoySentials®. I drink 24K® in the afternoon for healthy energy, and in the evening I take more LunaRich X™, and a full dose of RLV Hemp + Melatonin and Purify.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: Attending every call and webinar for training and encouragement plus weekly “Taco Tuesday” events in my home.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I tell others that Reliv changed my life and it will change theirs, too!

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: I would tell a new Distributor never to give up! Every small step is movement forward!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: My goal is to be on the Ambassador team! I will qualify in 2021. This means my husband will be joining me in the business.


Eileen & James Tesch

Congratulations to Eileen and James, who earned Reliv’s Top 6 Bonus as well as a Sales Excellence Award, and qualified for Promo 1-2-3! 

Q: What is your hometown?
A: Algonac, Michigan

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: We both take the Mighty 3: Classic® and/or Reliv Now®, Innergize! ® and especially FibRestore® and Active. We also take Arthaffect®, ProVantage® and LunaRich X™ capsules. Jim adds in CardioSentials® for his heart and I love 24K®! We can’t forget the Defense capsules and to top off our regimen we add RLV Hemp Full Spectrum; RLV Hemp Balm and RLV Hemp + Melatonin!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: We grow our business by writing down our daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: We are honored to represent Reliv and we “walk our talk.” We have enthusiasm for people and life, we have a positive attitude and we are so grateful for our health and success!

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Our advice to new Distributors is to make a commitment and to take this business seriously. I ask them to imagine that we are creating an army of leaders that are on a mission from God to give people hope!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: Our next goal is to qualify as Ambassadors and Presidential Directors and take Reliv to become a billion-dollar company!


How to Become a Reliv Champion in 2021

When we look back on 2020, we’ll always remember that it was certainly a wild ride, riddled with unexpected twists and turns. Most of us are optimistically looking to 2021 for a fresh start and setting some new goals!

If you need a little help reaching those fitness goals in 2021, the Fit3 program and Reliv Champions Challenge will give you tools and support to crush your goals and maybe even be crowned a Champion in 2021!

Just to be clear, Fit3 is not about diets or starvation, restrictions, or lots of rules. Fit3 is about helping you make better choices for yourself by cutting through the chaos and confusion of fitness and nutrition and surrounding you with a like-minded community for encouragement and accountability so you can enjoy optimal health with the best nutrition in the world!

The Fit3 Nutrition Guide is full of resources to get you started and keep you going on your personal wellness journey, but if you want to really reach those goals, and you want to know what it takes to be a Reliv Champion yourself in 2021, check out these top tips from our former Reliv and Fit3 Champions.

“Remember you are an individual and Fit3 is not one of those ‘One-size-fits-all’ programs that tells you exactly what to do and what not to do. There will be some trial and error. You have to tweak it to fit you!”—Debbie G., 2018 Me + 3 Champion

“The Fit3 Friendly Foods list and Daily Snapshot wheel is a great tool that teaches portion size and what you actually should be eating. Using a food tracker app like MyFitnessPal kept me on track with my recommended daily intake.”—Cindy B., Q4 2019 RCC Champion and 2018 Fitness Friend Challenge Champion

“If you have an off day… be mad for a minute, but then tell yourself that your next choice will be a good one.”—Dodi M., 2018 Fit for Life Champion

“Make a 90-day commitment to really learn and follow the Fit3 principles and plug into the community for support.”—Richard B., Q1 2020 RCC Finalist

“Get involved, keep track of everything that you put in your mouth, and exercise every day. And it goes without saying, take your Reliv.”—Mike G., Q3 2020 RCC Champion

“A big factor is to be determined, stay determined, and don’t quit. Your body won’t improve by leaps and bounds, but the baby steps add up to big results.”—Angela M., Q4 2019 RCC Champion

“Be consistent with the products and find an exercise that works for you. Enjoy the journey as you watch your body transform. Grab onto the support of the Fit3 community for inspiration and encouragement.”—Laurie E., Q3 2019 RCC Finalist

“Celebrate the good foods that fuel this journey! Do NOT focus on what you cannot, or should not have. I actually find it exciting to be creative with the rainbow of good foods! Experiment with different flavors; they can transform otherwise drab foods!”—Mary M., Q3 2019 RCC Champion

“It may sound simple, but remember to take your Reliv products consistently! Complete all the social media assignments, have fun with it and get motivated from the other posts.”—Jessica R., Q2 2019 RCC Finalist

“Remember your ‘WHY’. The challenge is about more than losing weight or getting buff. You have specific goals for a reason. When things get hard and discouraging, remember why you started and what you want to accomplish. I wanted to feel more like myself again, losing weight and having more energy were just steps to achieving my overall goal.”—Nicole M., Q3 2020 RCC Champion

“Have your Reliv shake consistently, every day. Join the Fit3 community – it’s filled with people who share similar goals. Use the weekly Fit3 tracking sheets and meal plans and do your best at your level. Just keep moving and celebrate all of your little victories. Have a blast! It’s absolutely a life changer!”—Ali C., 2018 Fit for Life Champion

“Mindless snacking was one of my toughest challenges. So I changed my habits to include eating at the table, devices-off limits, not just tasting each bite, but noting the color, the texture, and the smell. Being in the moment and enjoying the present is so much better than fretting over the past or worrying about the future.”—Patricia S., Q2 2020 RCC Champion

“Track your food and water intake. Whether this is done on paper or in an app, it is so important to be accountable for what hits your lips. If you EAT it, you OWN it! Choose wisely and start by eating smaller meals (on smaller plates). This portion control can help you conserve some of your calories for decisions that will most likely come up later in the day. Try keeping yourself ahead of the ballgame by planning and preparing for the unexpected.”—Tami M., Q2 2019 RCC Champion

The first step to becoming a Reliv Champion is to get registered! Registration for the 1 st Quarter 2021 Reliv Champions Challenge closes on January 15, 2021, so don’t wait. Come join the fun in 2021!

Did you miss this window of opportunity? New Champions Challenges start every quarter, so feel free to jump in and join us whenever you are ready!

A Q&A Interview with Hemp Industry Expert & Reliv Partner Steve Reid


By Director of Product Development and Fit3 Trainer Tina Van Horn

Since joining the family of Reliv products, the line of RLV Hemp Extracts has become a go-to source for wellness. With a line that has expanded to include RLV Hemp Balm for topical application and many tinctures, there’s an RLV Hemp Extract for everyone. We recently chatted with Steve Reid, CEO of SS Biotech, hemp industry expert, and Reliv partner to learn more about the benefits of these products and what sets them apart. 

Tina: There seem to be a lot of hemp-based products on the market these days, but it makes me wonder — are all hemp products created equal?

Steve: All hemp is definitely not created equal. Like any other plant crop, individual genetic strains determine the strength, potency, and hardiness of the plant. Accessing the optimal hemp strain is critical to the quality of the cannabinoids extracted from the industrial hemp plants.  Some of the better naturally evolving genetics strains we utilize carry a $4 cost per seed. At 1,500 to 1,800 plants per acre, a manufacturer can have $5 to $10 million invested just in seed stock for a single harvest season. Because of that sort of high entry cost, some manufacturers opt for a lesser valued seed variety and subsequently grow inferior crops, at least in our opinion. 

There are a few companies offering top-quality hemp products, but there are vastly more companies offering inferior hemp products. These cheaper strains have limited efficacy as a consumable, yet they can cost the same. This is why it’s so important to do business with a company you trust. SS Biotech, and therefore Reliv, utilize only superior strains of hemp so that the Reliv hemp products will deliver sound results with each use. Having a high purity and a clean product was the first demand by Ryan Montgomery when we first started developing this special line of RLV products.

We prefer making only the best products for the best companies that have customers and clients who understand that quality, efficacy, and value matter. Reliv is right at the top of that list for us. We love working with Reliv because we share the same vision and values.

Tina: Why is hemp so popular right now?

Steve: In short – because it works! There are currently 120+ naturally occurring compounds found in industrial hemp, and CBD (cannabidiol) is by far the one generating the most interest. People have known about CBD for decades, however, it wasn’t until recently that the health benefits offered by the use of CBD became more apparent and more widely accepted. Folks across North America and other parts of the world have been swept up in the CBD movement because they are realizing great health benefits without the potential side-effects that prescription drugs can inflict on the body.

Some of the other cannabinoid compounds in hemp are also enjoying a great amount of attention and study. CBG, CBN, CBC, and many of the other primary cannabinoids are being researched for their individual health benefits. For example, CBG is known for its ability to influence neural repairs via natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) stimulation. Using a parallel pathway to CBG, CBN is becoming more popular for its sleep applications. Delta-9-THC is the cannabinoid that can cause many responses within the body’s ECS including sleep, deep dreaming, and a calming effect. Of course, our formulas are created to be legally compliant to federal and state codes. With more than 100 cannabinoids now discovered and more being found, the future of hemp cannabinoids is extremely exciting.  

Tina: How do I know hemp products are safe?

Steve: That question needs to be answered by the hemp industry as a whole, in my opinion. Since the hemp industry is still in its infancy, many companies are taking full advantage of the disconnection between the US Food and Drug Administration, the US Department of Agriculture, and state health departments. Those companies are all about making fast money rather than focusing on providing lasting, high-impact products manufactured under strict guidelines. Some companies choose to skip basic lab tests necessary to verify and validate their products. Our rigorous testing protocols ensure that our products are of the highest quality every time. Even though we have some of the best in-house analytical research and development labs in the industry, we still spend millions of dollars each and every year just on third-party testing costs. We don’t release a single product lot until we know it has been checked, rechecked, and then checked and validated again by a third-party lab.

To assure product safety for the Reliv family, we have achieved important registrations and affiliations. All of Reliv’s hemp products are manufactured in a world-class FDA-registered and inspected food-grade facility. We are certified cGMP for our adherence to current good manufacturing practices. We are a Halal and Kosher-certified facility. We have other good standards achievements, but the most profound certification and membership we have is likely our NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification. Going through the NSF audit is an incredibly detailed, multi-day review process that most applicants do not pass. Formulating and manufacturing under the NSF banner is paramount in our dedication to providing safe and efficacious products to the great Reliv family.

Tina: Are any harmful chemicals used in the extraction process?

Steve: Not at all, at least not in our processes. In fact, we take extra care when extracting to make sure there are no chemical stripping agents involved at any stage in our extraction processes. While others use cheaper, faster-working but very harsh chemicals as a solvent to release the cannabinoids from the hemp plant biomass, we choose to use only pure sustainable sugar ethanol. We pay $39 per gallon in federal taxes to obtain and use pure sustainable sugar ethanol as our extraction solvent, and we even have a near 100% recovery rate when the extraction process is completed (a minuscule amount can evaporate).

We take this so seriously that the owner of our company has a policy that we will not make any product that we cannot put in or on his children. Period. No exceptions. That’s just how seriously we take our product safety.

Tina: What is new in the hemp industry?

Steve: The hemp industry is still exceedingly small when compared to its global potential. New and amazing discoveries come forward almost daily shining lights on a new cannabinoid or a new terpene that can interact in magical ways with the ECS of humans and animals. Our bodies were designed to be self-healing. Part of the aging process causes the ECS receptors to “turn off” and become dormant. Without the body maintaining efficient levels of communications throughout the ECS, we start to slow down, to become sluggish, to start replacing muscle mass with visceral fat storages, and then to become sickly. That is all part of the accepted path to our golden years, but it does not have to be. Hemp has been known and used in religious practices for many thousands of years. Fortunately, our generations are rediscovering ancient hemp plants and we are returning it to our daily lives with amazing results and benefits.

In our labs and in the industry as a whole, we are discovering and working with the lesser cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. Working with Delta-8-THC is providing us with scientific data proving that Delta-8-THC can deliver all the great benefits associated with its more widely known cousin, Delta-9-THC, but without any of the psychoactive side effects that Delta-9-THC can deliver in medium to high doses. Very soon, we expect to be offering several next-generation consumables that will be in high demand.

The future of the hemp industry is guaranteed to be extremely promising and profitable for those who are forward-thinking visionaries, which is why I love working with Reliv. Having been in business for more than three decades, Reliv is considered an old-timer in the direct sales industry yet the corporate and field leadership teams are still youthful and hungry to continue making a positive mark in the world. Reliv is positioned to be in the stream of new development knowledge and concepts which makes Reliv a ready-made leader in the industry. 

Not only are new discoveries underway with the hemp plant, but also advanced next-generation delivery systems are emerging at a fast pace. New more highly functional delivery platforms are moving from concept to reality and will, no doubt, help those representing the products. This sort of presentation ‘wow’ factor can only make for easier, increased retail sales. Everything is coming together nicely for the young hemp industry. 

Imagine how many new friendships will be made because a Reliv Distributor cared enough about someone else to share with them the life-changing Reliv products. Imagine the lifestyle changes that can be realized by Reliv’s network of Distributors. It’s a great time to be with Reliv and to be in the hemp industry!

Learn more about RLV Hemp Extracts by accessing our product FAQ or viewing our certificate of analysis.  

Shake Things Up with a Virtual Shake Party

By Reliv Senior Director Jessica Rice

A big part of any successful Reliv business is finding opportunities to tell people about Reliv. One easy way to introduce people to the world of Reliv is by hosting a shake party. With a shake party, you can invite friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you know to Reliv! However, what can you do when you are not able to socialize in person? You can host a virtual shake party!

Get the Party Started

Despite social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders, our team has used social media to reach many people to share the hope of Reliv. We shared Reliv, the products and business opportunity, just like a regular shake party, along with some yummy shake recipes. We went live on Facebook and all of our friends and family were able to view and share our broadcast!

In addition, our amazing team leader, Kimberly Burns, put together a video about her own story, the products, and business opportunity that we could easily share on our own Facebook live parties. Kimberly created really fun themes like a luau, Italian night, and cooking class.

Ready to host a party of your own and tell more people about Reliv? Here are some steps to success.

How to Set Up Your Virtual Shake Party on Facebook Live:

  1. Set up your phone on a tripod or some way that it will be secure when filming
  2. Make a shake and get it ready to show your viewer and a shake recipe ready to share
  3. Have your favorite products on-hand to show and highlight
  4. Log onto Facebook live and click “Start Live Video”  
  5. Share the hope of Reliv from your heart, and remember to smile
  6. Follow up with anyone who viewed or commented

As an added bonus, it’s super easy to share the videos of anyone on your team on your own Facebook page. Click “share” on the live event, and Facebook will show the live stream as a party on your own Facebook for all your followers to see. These events were a huge success! Many people viewed and commented and we were able to follow up with them, leading to new customers, orders, and Distributors.


Keep the Party Going

Another fun virtual event our team did in May was a wonderful Mother’s Day special! We filmed it on Zoom. Three of us were on at the same time and we selected beautiful backgrounds. We shared our favorite products, and offered a discount to all the lovely ladies in our lives for Mother’s Day! The Zoom was a live web conference that we were able to simultaneously link to Facebook to increase our audience.

Party All the Time

All these live events can be shared after the live event is over, and stay on your Facebook page for more people to view. You can pin favorite videos to the top of your feed so they’re easy for followers to find. It’s a wonderful tool that multiplies your efforts and can help you reach many people. Now that things are opening back up, we can get together again and have in-person parties. However, we plan to continue to host virtual parties because they are fast, easy, and effective. Virtual parties are especially effective for reaching loved ones who live far away.

Party in a Box

Reliv has all the supplies you need to host your own Shake Party (virtual or in-person) with the Shake Party Box! If you’re hosting a party virtually, be sure to wear your apron and pin to look professional, and make use of the product training cards so you’ll know just what to say! So grab a shake, your phone, and let’s go LIVE to share the hope of Reliv with the world! 


Celebrating National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

A Q&A with Reliv Distributor and Fit3 Champions Challenge Finalist Richard Brandl

By Director of Product Development and Fit3 Trainer Tina Van Horn

In 1983, the President’s Council on Fitness designated May as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. This was done in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles among all Americans and improve our quality of life. The hashtag “#MoveInMay” has been trending, and it’s my hope that people will remember to keep fitness a priority all of the other months of the year as well.

Fitness as a Lifestyle

For some of us, our fitness journey was launched through participation in youth sports. Others turn to fitness later in life for the health benefits, as well as the social connections. Regardless of age or whether you are fueled by competition or more intrinsic incentives, physical activity is a celebration of what our bodies can do.

Meet Richard

Richard Brandl, a self-proclaimed “jock” was a recent runner- up in the men’s division of the Q1 2020 Reliv Champions Challenge. He has been on a journey of physical fitness for more than 40 years. Now at age 60, Richard has no intention of slowing down. A former competitive body builder, Richard is currently training for obstacle course runs and uses Reliv nutrition to give him a competitive edge over his children and the younger competition.

Richard joined the Reliv Champions Challenge to jump start his training for the 2020 race season. He achieved his personal challenge goal to reduce his body fat percentage while maintain lean muscle. He was anticipating breaking some personal records in the upcoming season before his training was derailed by quarantine restrictions.

Modifying the Program

Even though his race plans are currently on hold and he has had to modify his strength training program, Richard is lifting and running and training with the equipment he has at home. Admittedly, he is still driven to be better than the other aging jocks and there is still a smidge of vanity behind his motivation. Ultimately though, he is determined to stay healthy and avoid the chronic health conditions that are in his family’s health history.

Motivation for Decades

Having seen Richard’s pictures from his prime body-building days, I was curious (and maybe a little envious) about how his fitness journey has evolved over the last 40 years and what really keeps pushing him to maintain physical fitness so I threw a few questions his way. His responses certainly resonated with my inner athlete, while validating the principles that the Fit3 program is build upon.

Tina: Fitness has been a part of your life for a very long time. Tell us a little bit about your history and what your fitness routine looks like today?

Richard: I started weightlifting in 1979, and got into bodybuilding in 1980, while I was assigned to my first duty station in the Army. I generally worked out for every day for about two hours, depending on the specific day and routine. I was always trying to progress weight and trained primarily for muscle mass, so cardio was minimal. I was really strict with my diet all of the time to maintain a body fat percentage below 8%. I participated in bodybuilding competitions from 1982 through 1986, but maintained this routine throughout the 80s.

Today my workouts last a maximum of 45 minutes, unless I am specifically training for a rucking event. I focus on circuit type training with minimal rest to be efficient with time. I definitely use more moderate weights and I stay with basic lifts that are multi joint and functional most of the time. Of course, I still like to maintain as much muscle as I can but realize that I’m not 26 anymore. I’m not lifting super heavy weights anymore because that might do more harm than good at my age. For cardio I use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get me ready for the obstacle course events

Tina: What are your motivations to keep moving and stay active? How are your motivations different today than 10, 20 or 30 years ago?

Richard: We all have certain level of vanity and I’m no exception. I like to look the part of a fitness professional. I also use the obstacle course runs as a motivator to be more structured and consistent with workouts. I am also motivated to stay healthy and to avoid serious illness. And I still have that competitive fire to be better than the other aging jocks.

Tina: What do you do when you don’t feel motivated?

Richard: When my motivation is low I know that I probably need to take a break from lifting, without feeling guilty. Sometimes I will substitute walks or biking for an active rest or really shorten workouts just to stay in the habit. If all else fails, I try something new, like the Reliv Champions Challenge. I see myself as an ongoing experiment to maintain as much muscle as I can. It’s a game that I play with myself when I have been slacking off.

Tina: Do you every take time off from exercise? How did you get started again?

Richard: Yes, I do take time off. After 40 years, I do experience burnout and to be honest it gets boring. When that happens, I join a class just to do something different and see what the trends are.

To get motivated I look in the mirror and do a “pec check” and decide I look puny and decide to get back to it; vanity again. I start slow, maybe a week of circuits and some cardio to get ready to increase intensity. I also have to get the mind ready as well. I’m also motivated by like class reunions, wedding things that I want to look good for. It’s a mental thing I have about that.

Tina: Tell us a little about your Reliv health story:  How did you find Reliv, what have been your results with the products?

Richard: I found Reliv about 7 years ago when I heard about it on a radio ad. I had always used supplements and I was curious as to the results I would get compared to the past. I have certainly seen improvements with sustained energysleep, muscle recovery and management of joint discomfort. As I get older and with my profession as a physical therapy assistant, I definitely put more emphasis on joint health and workout recovery.

Supplement technology is so much more advanced today than it was 30 years ago. We have a new understanding of nutrition through the lens of epigenetics. Health issues run in my family and I know that optimal nutrition will benefit me in many ways. I’m committed to doing everything I can to stay healthy and keep my body in top shape.

Tina: What prompted you to join the Fit3 Challenge and what kind of results did you experience?

Richard: Initially my goal was to use the 90-day challenge to jump start my training in January as preparation for obstacle course training in the spring. The first event was supposed be in June, but has been canceled because of the pandemic. I also wanted to see how much body fat I could reduce while maintaining my weight and muscle mass. I also wanted to increase the weight I was lifting without causing joint discomfort. Really, I just to see what I could do at 60 years old.

Throughout the challenge, I lost about 1.8% body fat and my weight was stable. I was lifting heavier weights, too, before the pandemic restrictions took effect. I am happy to report my shoulder and knee discomfort was all but eliminated. I never say eliminated because I just don’t think it’s possible with as much activity I do and my age.

Tina: What advice would you give to someone afraid to take that first step on their fitness journey?

Richard: I suggest finding a trustworthy and practical coach to get you started and keep you accountable. Master the fundamentals that match your goals and commitment level. Ignore all the latest trends that promise rapid results. Instead think long term overall lifestyle habits. Keep it simple and be sensible!

If you are intimidated by a long laundry list of do’s and don’ts, just work on a couple of easier ones. Give yourself a chance to experience success and build your confidence. We live once and I encourage people to enjoy those parties but maintain a level of composure and to be ready to “work” it off. You’ve got to enjoy life and find a balance that works for you.


Fitness Inspiration for Family Wellness Month 

10-Minute Activities for Staying Fit Together

By Director of Product Development and Fit3 Trainer Tina Van Horn

If it hasn’t popped up on your calendar, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Family Wellness Month! May is the official month for celebrating family wellness, but as a mom and the gate-keeper of my family’s health, it’s another one of those tabs that is open in my brain EVERY DAY, not just one month out of the year. 

Balancing Act of Family Health

There is a continuous balancing act to make sure that everyone’s physical needs are met and that their bodies are healthy, without losing sight of their social, emotional, and spiritual health! Sheesh! No wonder parents are tired! Meeting all those needs is genuinely overwhelming some days.

Spending Time Together

Family wellness is so much more than putting nutritious meals on the table and setting limits on screen time. It is also about family habits, lifestyles, and relationships! Our hectic lifestyles don’t exactly foster family wellness and certainly interfere with quality family time, which has been shown to improve behavior and academic performance, build self-esteem, encourage communication skills, and reinforce healthy habits. Seems pretty obvious how important family time is, but several recent studies have suggested that the average American family spends only about 30-40 minutes each day truly engaged with each other. When I really think about it, that statistic is probably very representative of our family. 

Making Good Health a Family Value

If you are anything like me, you might be feeling a bit of “mom guilt” and anxiety when you think about all of the things we should be doing as a family. Honestly, my head is spinning a little bit just trying to figure out how to start. Just like any other lifestyle change, the trick is to start slow. If you were starting a new fitness routine, I would suggest starting with 10 minutes, so why not apply that same strategy to family wellness? 

I’m pretty sure we can all carve out an extra 10 minutes of family time each day to build connections, but if your kids aren’t into just sitting around for 10 minutes of conversation, here are a few activities that will get everybody involved:

  • Plan and prepare simple meals or snacks together – scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, PB&J 
  • Look through family photo albums together or watch family videos
  • Volunteer or do a service project together – walk dogs at the animal shelter, help a neighbor with yardwork
  • Test a new Reliv shake recipe together or make up your own – it’s ok to add a few chocolate chips or some sprinkles!
  • Plant and grow something together – flowers, vegetables, herbs
  • Make up “conversation cards” with fun, open-ended questions that everybody can answer – e.g.,  if you were an animal, what would you be and why? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Move together – walk, jump rope, play tag, hide and seek, dance, or play follow-the-leader
  • Plan a scavenger hunt or play “I spy” around your home or neighborhood
  • Read an article together, taking turns reading out loud and then discuss 
  • Play a board game or active video game
  • Build a house of cards or line up dominoes
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle together while taking turns picking the music you listen to
  • Send out birthday cards or write letters to family members

The possibilities for finding fun and creative ways to spend time together are endless. In addition to making memories that will last a lifetime, you’re also showing your love for your family. Another way you can show your family you love them is to make sure they’re getting the best of nutrition and immune support with Reliv core nutrition! Whether you’re blending up a shake for your kids, or staying hydrated while playing outdoors, feeding your family with optimal nutrition is a great way to say, “I love you!” 

Immunity and Wellness: Q & A with Dr. Alfredo Galvez

With the world focusing more than ever on wellness, many are wondering what we can do to support our immune systems and overall health. Director of Product Development Tina Van Horn recently spoke with Dr. Alfredo Galvez, Reliv’s Chief Scientific Officer and the discoverer of the lunasin peptide, to learn more about the science of immunity, what role nutrition plays and what you can do to take charge of your health. 

Tina: What are the effects of nutrition on immunity and what role does epigenetics play in the immune function?  

Dr. Galvez: Fortunately our bodies are very smart and have evolved over time to fight against infections through our innate and adaptive immunity. But, we also know there are specific foods and nutrients that have co-evolved with the human body to support a more efficient immune response to environmental threats like viruses. When you combine this knowledge with our current understanding of epigenetics, we can have an even greater impact on wellness as a whole, but the immune system is of particular interest in the field of nutritional epigenetics.

The role of epigenetics is the key science that has been proven to be one of the underlying causes of not only infections and inflammation, but also chronic disease formation. That is the reason why we need to have nutrients available for our bodies to use.

Research in the last decade has revealed the expression of genes associated with immunity response to epigenetic influences. A study that caught my attention ten to twelve years ago, from Purdue and Indiana Universities, demonstrated the ability of lunasin to turn on the genes associated with the immune response, both for innate immunity, our first line of defense against infection, as well as adaptive immunity, which is the ability for the body to produce antibodies that prevent future infections. This is important research in light of novel viruses and infections. Epigenetics provides new research opportunities to find and develop more effective treatments and vaccines, which is important to me from a research perspective. But, there is also a practical application for individuals because with the right nutrients, we can strengthen our immune systems to counter pathogens AND to respond efficiently when vaccines are introduced by teaching our bodies to produce antibodies that can attack novel viruses.

Tina: With the growing body of research surrounding epigenetics and lunasin, in particular, we have gained a solid understanding of the cellular health benefits of lunasin for our long-term health, but it is interesting to hear you talk about how lunasin benefits our short-term immunity in fighting off those viruses and pathogens that are environmentally attacking us in addition to the long-term health benefits. What about other dietary ingredients and nutrients? Do we need them along with lunasin to support immunity?

Dr. Galvez: Scientific evidence supports that metabolism and nutrient absorption are unique to each individual, so it is very important to have a combination of multiple nutrients at optimal levels to support all of our physiological processes, especially metabolism which is directly linked to immunity.

When I started working with Dr. Carl Hastings on adding lunasin to the core nutrition, one of the main objectives was to improve metabolic health. In fact, we did some experiments on the combination of lunasin and Reliv Now® with Soy. The results showed an improvement in metabolic biomarkers and risk factors associated with a number of health conditions. We understand now, more clearly than ever before, how metabolic health directly affects the immune system. So the nutritional composition of the core nutrition (macronutrients and micronutrients) in combination with lunasin, optimizes genetic expression for good health today and improves our long-term health.

Tina: You already stated that what makes Reliv products so unique is that we don’t focus on single ingredients for a specific health benefit. Yet so many people when we talk about immunity they instantly think of taking mega doses of vitamin C or zinc.  But those mega doses are not nearly as effective as putting these ingredients together in synergistic formulas. How can we combat that misunderstanding?

Dr. Galvez: The body of research on nutrition and epigenetics is expanding exponentially. At Reliv, we are not only looking at lunasin, but also we are also looking at lunasin in combination with the other ingredients we have in core nutrition and even some of the targeted solutions like FibRestore®, CardioSentials® and GlucAffect®. These formulas contain ingredients also known to have an effect on the epigenome. As I see now with so much new research on bioactive agents and dietary nutrients, we are gaining a greater understanding of how the nutrients work together metabolically not only to support physiological functions, but also epigenetically to have a real impact on health. For example, when dietary fibers are digested in the gut, chemicals are released that send signals to the epigenome.

I am hopeful that the next generation of scientists, researchers, and medical professionals will expand on what we know so far and apply this understanding to develop nutritional solutions that can have a real impact on many of the chronic health conditions that are so prevalent today. So many of our current therapies only treat the symptoms, but with epigenetics, we can more effectively target the underlying causes of these conditions. I believe the best way we can find effective treatments is to understand the epigenome and the effect of natural bioactive agents working together to turn off the bad genes that promote disease and turn on the genes that support wellness. 

There are many things that still need to be understood. There is also a learning curve for the medical establishment and consumers as far as epigenetics is concerned. With the foundational work that I have done on nutritional epigenetics, along with other researchers in the space, we are certainly moving in that direction. I anticipate that as the trend continues for patients and consumers to be more proactive with their health, the demand for effective nutritional solutions will keep driving researchers to find effective solutions.

Tina: You have a very unique perspective as a researcher on the current situation. What are some of the challenges that researches are facing that are inhibiting their efforts to finding effective therapies or developing a vaccine for COVID-19?

Dr. Galvez: That is a very good question. Actually, that was a question posed to me when I was taking my Ph.D. oral examination because it was during the height of the HIV infection. Like HIV, this new coronavirus is an RNA virus and it is more difficult to find a cure or even a vaccine because RNA viruses only have a single strand of genetic material (versus DNA viruses which have two strands). This means that it can mutate more easily than other types of viruses. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we have to reduce the infection rates, so we can reduce the chance of mutations.

It is going to be very difficult to develop vaccines. There are a lot of stages of testing that must be done. It will take anywhere from a year or a year and a half. Of course, you also have to take into consideration the mutation rate of this virus. It’s a serious problem, but it’s not something that we haven’t seen before.

I think individually we can each do things to help control this, so all the suggestions that the CDC and epidemiologists have been giving us we should accept it and practice it. This is the only way we can fight against this virus. In the meantime, it becomes vitally important to do what you can personally to keep supporting your immune system with nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Tina: What are a few recommendations that you have for our readers and what are you personally doing to protect yourself and your family?

Dr. Galvez: My family is certainly taking Reliv nutrition and focusing on the basic principles of health and wellness – plenty of vegetables and fruits along with quality protein, emphasizing plant-based protein sources. We exercise at least 30 minutes each day. There are a lot of studies done on exercise and epigenetic changes. In fact, exercising can reduce the epigenetic age to optimize your epigenome and support immunity. Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night can also have an effect on delaying epigenetic aging. There is not a short-term fix that is going to protect everyone. You have to be vigilant and proactive so when you get challenged by these environmental stresses and viral infections your immune system and your body is strong enough to fight it.