On the Move Again

clip_image001 Life is moving forward again for David and Zella Smith of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. A stroke twelve years ago left David’s right arm paralyzed and affected his speech enough that the couple, both retired mail carriers, rarely socialized like they used to.
“He just wasn’t interested in doing the things he used to love, like going to car shows and working on old cars,” says Zella, who experienced increased energy and mental clarity only three weeks after trying Relìv products.
“I started on Relìv because I wanted to do something for myself,” she says. “I figured the nutrition might also help David, so he started taking it, too.”
Zella’s instincts were correct. As her energy soared, she was also able to maintain healthy cholesterol levels; David had improvements of his own. Every thirty days, the couple went for David’s blood tests — and each time his levels improved and his fatigue lifted.
“Relìv is kicking David’s immune system into high gear,” Zella says. “He’s interacting with people again and even drives around in a dune buggy! We’re both having a much better quality of life.”

A Second Chance at Life

clip_image001 Amy Manning of Tomball, Texas, has lived with chronic pain from disease and accidents for almost two decades. “I was in a serious automobile accident in 1988 and another in 1998, and went through over 30 surgeries,” Amy says. “I had been taking narcotic pain medication for over 15 years. I also had to deal with several other serious health concerns.”
Amy decided enough was enough and set out to find a way to improve her quality of life. “I watched a dear friend of 27 years, Cathy Williams, regain her health with Relìv, so 7 months ago, I started on the products,” Amy says.
“Today my pain level is much lower than in the past, I sleep well, my energy level is way up and the ‘foggy brain’ feeling is gone,” she explains. “I am living the life I never thought I would have. The thing that’s most important to me is that I get to enjoy my husband again and my grandchildren. God has given me a second chance at life!”

Enthusiasm for Relìv Nutrition is Contagious

clip_image001 These days, Paula Kipp of Staunton, Illinois, can actually get out on the court and play basketball with her children, something the working mother of three would never have dreamed of before Relìv.
“We’d get home in the evening and try to get through as best we could,” she recalls. “Then we’d flop into bed so we could get up and do it all over again the next day. Now, with Relìv, I get up early every morning and stay up late.”
[columns]Four years ago, Paula didn’t think she or anyone else in her family needed Relìv, but a co-worker’s enthusiasm for the products was contagious. She gave Relìv a try and soon had her family also using the nutrition.[/columns]
In addition to more energy, Paula got relief from allergies and the tingling aches in her arms. She’s lost 25 pounds on the Slimplicity® Weight Loss System and is well on her way to losing more.
The kids are also faring well, especially in school. Daughter Hannah is better able to focus and concentrate in class and son A.J.’s behavior improved once he started on the products.
“They can see a difference when they don’t take their shakes,” she says. “They know what this nutrition does for them.”

New Freedom, Shared Hope

clip_image001 Connie Krantz, of Mitchell, South Dakota, had serious health issues for years. “In 2006, when I was introduced to Relìv, I was nothing short of desperate,” Connie says.  “At the age of 17, I suffered a bowel obstruction. Since then, I’ve dealt with chronic constipation.
“When I was 30 — I’m 43 now — I developed fatigue that affected every bone and joint in my body. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck!” she continues. “I had a mold allergy that forced me temporarily out of my home and I had serious PMS issues as well.”
Just 10 days after starting on Relìv, Connie noticed increased energy. “At three months, I began to see real progress in other areas. And by eight months I saw significant improvement in my health,” she reports. “I am so grateful God gave me the patience to maintain a long-range focus.
“My family is a huge part of my life — my children and grandchildren,” Connie continues. “I am so thrilled to be able to go to basketball games and rodeos with the kids, and to exercise regularly again!  Relìv has given me the freedom to talk frankly about where I was, so I can share the hope of where I am now.”

Family Flourishes With Relìv

clip_image001 Kim McGough of Algonquin, Illinois, suffered from acid reflux that was so severe she was happy at first just to be able to take the Relìv products.
“I was born without a flap between my stomach and esophagus, making it impossible to keep down a single vitamin pill,” Kim explains. “After a couple weeks of taking Relìv, I was able to eat and drink things I never could before. And I had so much energy, people actually noticed!”
Kim eventually increased her product intake and noticed even more results. “I stopped having panic attacks and crying jags,” Kim says. “And when my seasonal allergies didn’t show up that first year, that’s when I put my sons on Relìv.

“We started seeing amazing results — particularly with my oldest son, Ryan,” she recalls. “After three weeks of taking the products, his teacher called to tell me that he was more focused in school. While he used to be two years behind in reading, he now reads at grade level. He even made the honor roll this year!”
Both of Kim’s children haven’t had the flu in three years, and they recover more quickly after playing sports. “These products have had an amazing impact on my family’s quality of life,” she notes. “For us, Relìv is forever!”

Overjoyed to Find Relief


clip_image001 Diana Hoover of Watsonville, California, lived with migraines for more than two years. They grew increasingly painful and longer in duration throughout 2007. By the end of the year, she was having frequent headaches of such intensity that she ended up in the emergency room, often multiple times in a month.
Doctors worked for two full years trying to figure out why she was having the migraines and performed a number of tests with no definitive result. They tried several medications and theorized that they were a result of a heart murmur she’d had since birth.
Diana, a single mother of three, was unable to work because of the severity of the headaches. “Sometimes I’d have to leave a full cart of groceries at the store when I felt one coming on,” she says.
After a month on Relìv products, however, Diana began to notice her headaches were decreasing in frequency and intensity. Now, four months after starting the products, she doesn’t give a second thought to her shopping excursions. She credits Relìv’s optimal nutrition with helping her lead a normal life.
“I’m back working 40 hours a week, playing with my kids and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time,” Diana says. “I’m overjoyed to have found Relìv.”

A Great Life With Relìv

clip_image001 Jeff and Becky Bauman of Drayton, Ontario, Canada, thank Relìv for helping them enjoy their professional and family lives to the fullest.
Before Relìv, Jeff, a fifteen-year professional in the demanding construction business, was looking for a way to increase his productivity.
“I suffered from after-lunch slumps where my energy level was really low,” he recalls. “Also, my aching muscles and the stress of a whole week’s work gave me headaches on some weekends.”
Becky shared similar concerns. “I was always exhausted, and found it difficult to rise from bed every morning,” she says. “Even when I slept extra hours, I still needed long afternoon naps.” Fatigue, aggravated by a chronic hearing difficulty, forced Becky to battle depression and emotional turmoil.
With Relìv, Jeff happily reports he’s having productive days at multiple job sites without energy lapses. He has also bid farewell to weekend headaches! For her part, Becky enjoys newfound restful sleep, and more energy to enjoy her family.
“We have so much fun with Relìv,” Becky says, “and we’ll continue sharing our great experience with everyone!”

A New Lease on Life

clip_image001 After four months of suffering from chronic pain, Joe Maydak of Streamwood, Illinois, wound up in the hospital for 10 days. The diagnosis: internal shingles. “I didn’t have a single lesion on my body, which is why the shingles went undiagnosed for so long,” Joe explains. “The doctors told me that I most likely had developed permanent nerve damage. Just putting on a shirt was painful.”
Joe went home from the hospital with an epidural in his back and prescriptions for pain medications.
“I was taking large amounts of pain relievers every month,” Joe recalls. “I’d essentially become a drug addict. I could barely finish a sentence; I was that ill.”
That was two years ago, before Joe started taking Relìv. “After two weeks on the Relìv products, I was sleeping through the night,” Joe says. “Now, my pain is significantly reduced, and I’ve also experienced relief from hand tremors, memory loss and panic attacks.”
Today, Joe is building a business as a 3-Star Director with Relìv. “I’m certain that I couldn’t have lived much longer the way I was before,” Joe states. “Relìv has given me a new life!”

Rediscovering the Joy of Sleep


clip_image001 Relìv has answered more than one prayer for Claudea Pound, of Gaston, South Carolina.

The home-schooling mother of three struggled for years with chronic back pain from a curved spine and bulging discs. Getting through the days to care for her children was difficult enough, but the nights were even worse. Pain kept her up all night. One of her sons also didn’t sleep well. He suffered with acid reflux since birth and a host of other complications, including night terrors.

When a friend shared Relìv, Claudea was willing to try anything. “We saw results rather quickly,” she recalls. “I noticed I wasn’t reaching as often for the over-the-counter pain medications that I took daily. And I was sleeping through the night without waking up in pain. Today, my pain is significantly better. It’s amazing what you can do when you feel good — you can move mountains!”

Her son also experienced relief and was soon sleeping through the night. “I had been praying for years for something to help me and my family with our health, and I had also been praying for a way to help people,” Claudea says. “Relìv has given me that opportunity.”

Taking Back an Active Life

clip_image001 Tina Stacey of Kahnawake, Canada, is doing all of the things she loves again — working at a recycling plant, participating in the three-day dancing festivals on her Mohawk reservation near Montreal, playing ice hockey and, most importantly, picking up her young daughter.
“Who doesn’t want to pick up their baby?” asks Tina, remembering all of the times she was stuck on the floor because of pain from herniated discs in her lower back, osteoarthritis in her spine and chronic neck pain. “I was really down in the dumps from all of it. I definitely had depression, too.”
Tina felt like she’d exhausted all of her possibilities for help: surgery, chiropractors, acupuncturists and the medicine man on the reservation. Then she saw a Relìv poster. She says she started to feel better after her third Relìv shake.
“After being on Relìv for more than two years, I can honestly say that I’m a lot better than I was. I’m happy and energetic,” Tina reports. “I’m organizing a women’s hockey team and dancing all of the festival dances with my daughter! Thank you, Relìv, for giving me my life back.”