Rediscovering the Joy of Sleep


clip_image001 Relìv has answered more than one prayer for Claudea Pound, of Gaston, South Carolina.

The home-schooling mother of three struggled for years with chronic back pain from a curved spine and bulging discs. Getting through the days to care for her children was difficult enough, but the nights were even worse. Pain kept her up all night. One of her sons also didn’t sleep well. He suffered with acid reflux since birth and a host of other complications, including night terrors.

When a friend shared Relìv, Claudea was willing to try anything. “We saw results rather quickly,” she recalls. “I noticed I wasn’t reaching as often for the over-the-counter pain medications that I took daily. And I was sleeping through the night without waking up in pain. Today, my pain is significantly better. It’s amazing what you can do when you feel good — you can move mountains!”

Her son also experienced relief and was soon sleeping through the night. “I had been praying for years for something to help me and my family with our health, and I had also been praying for a way to help people,” Claudea says. “Relìv has given me that opportunity.”