3 Ways a Reliv Trip Will Change Your Life


By Executive VP of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings


As I reflect on yet another incredible Reliv trip to Cancun, Mexico, I started thinking… what would it be like to experience this trip through the eyes of a new person? For me, there are three things that instantly come to mind… three things you can really only experience on a Reliv Leadership Celebration trip. Continue reading “3 Ways a Reliv Trip Will Change Your Life”

Reliv Week of Caring 2016: Making a Difference



By Reliv Vice President of Operations Debra Hellweg

Since 2009, Reliv employees have been participating in an event known as the Reliv Week of Caring. This is an annual event where groups of employees visit local organizations to volunteer for the day. Over the years we have contributed more than 1600 hours of service to more than 20 local organizations! Continue reading “Reliv Week of Caring 2016: Making a Difference”

Livin’ the Debt-Free Dream



4_8DebtFreeDream (2)

We all dream of the day we can pay off our debts. And that’s just what Presidential Gold Ambassadors, Trish and Doug Fischer, did in December 2015 when they paid off their million dollar home in Colorado Springs, CO. Today, they are completely debt free, thanks to the success of their home-based Reliv business. Continue reading “Livin’ the Debt-Free Dream”

The “Dos” of To-Do Lists


If you are anything like me, you like to make a list and be able to cross off everything by the end of the day. It’s a sense of accomplishment! But it’s easier said than done. Need some help? Here are 6 “Dos” you should consider for the next time you make a list — it just might help you get a few more things done. Continue reading “The “Dos” of To-Do Lists”

Reliv Recognition: January 2016




We’re so proud to kick off 2016 with some very exciting business builder recognition news! We have Top 10 Bonus Winners who all earned a Dr. Ted Plaque for a January volume over 16,000. Our First Place winner, Rosemary Bell, earned the very last Dr. Ted Humanitarian Award before we pass the torch to our Sandy Montgomery Award for a volume of over 30,000 for one month. Wow, Rosemary! We raise our shaker cups to you.

We also have the pleasure of recognizing new Presidential Directors from January: Diane and Kevin Helmold! These are exciting times in Reliv, and this is a chance to meet some of the people who started 2016 with great action in their business. Continue reading “Reliv Recognition: January 2016”

Making Money with Reliv




Getting a discount on advanced nutrition products you believe in is one thing. But making money is an entirely different thing, and that’s what the Reliv Compensation Plan is designed to help you do—make money! It’s about reaching new levels and building YOUR business. And each level you reach gets you one step closer to financial (and time!) freedom.

Whether you hear it called “comp plan” or compensation plan, it’s really all about making money with Reliv. We recently rolled out some updates to the Reliv Compensation Plan and wanted to answer some of the three big questions you may be asking yourself.

[Q] How do the compensation plan level adjustments make a difference for Distributors?

[A] Our Reliv Compensation Plan is designed to reward the time and effort of introducing people to Reliv. And it’s structured to reward people for making more of those efforts. More effort means more growth — and more growth builds a stronger business. If you are building a business in Reliv, we want that to be a business that lasts. These adjustments will help ensure that happens. To get an in-depth look at the specifics, and the detailed explanation behind them, click here.

[Q] What is the difference between a Preferred Customer and a Retail Distributor? They both order product at a 10% discount from the Suggested Retail Price.

[A] A Preferred Customer is simply that: a customer. They consume Reliv products month after month, and have registered with Reliv. They pay a $10 annual registration fee, and complete a registration that requires only simple contact information. By becoming a Preferred Customer, they enjoy 10% discount on products they use. They may periodically receive information about our products, science and wellness. They do not “accumulate” volume points and anyone they talk with about Reliv will be referred to their Distributor.

A Retail Distributor is also a consumer of our products, and they also purchase products at a 10% discount from the Suggested Retail Price. They receive a Distributor Kit, with all of the materials they need to get their business started, as well as a quarterly magazine and Distributor support. Their enrollment fee is $40, which covers the cost of their Distributor Kit. A Retail Distributor can purchase products from Reliv and then share those products with other people — earning 10% profit. Orders from people they refer to Reliv who order products from the company at the Retail price also create Retail Profit.

One other benefit for the Retail Distributor makes a significant long-term difference. A Retail Distributor accumulates volume over their lifetime. This volume includes any products they order and any products ordered by their customers and Distributors. When the total product ordered reaches $750, as long as they have at least ONE customer or Distributor registered with the company who also placed an order with Reliv, they will advance to the Affiliate level. The Affiliate level unlocks a whole new avenue of income: Wholesale Profit!

As an Affiliate, you purchase product from Reliv at a 25% discount. You will earn 25% on purchases made by retail customers. You will also earn 15% profit on products ordered by Preferred Customers. Plus, you will earn 15% Wholesale Profit on products moving through any Retail Distributors you have in your group. That’s 15% profit on products they purchase, and 15% profit on products their customers purchase.

[Q] I’ve been using Reliv products and I’m really enjoying them. I’d like to learn more about the business, but my Distributor/sponsor is just doing it part time and is not very knowledgeable about the business. What should I do?

[A] Everyone in Reliv has upline leaders who would be delighted to hear from people wanting to learn more about building a Reliv business. They spend their days working with people just like you who want to take the next steps in building a solid Reliv business. There are two things you can do:

1. Call your direct sponsor and ask them how to contact their upline leader
2. Call the Reliv Distributor Service Center at 1-800-735-4887. Have your RCN ready and we’ll help you get connected.

Don’t hesitate to call. We are all working together to bring the benefits of the best nutrition available to a world of people who need it. The market for our products is essentially unlimited. Let’s work together and make a difference.


Reliv January Prodcast: Healthy Tips for the New Year


The usage of nutritional supplements continues to increase as more evidence of the health benefits reaches consumers and health professionals.  Understanding all of this information can be a challenge.  Fortunately, Reliv, under the guidance of Dr. Carl Hastings, has helped make nutritional supplementation simple with cutting-edge products.  Dr. Carl will share his insights on the nutritional supplement industry and the science behind the Reliv product difference.
Listen to the Prodcast online or download and subscribe in iTunes.



Science and Health Today: Why the World Needs Reliv Now + LunaRich X



We often hear warnings about the dangers of the standard American diet and lifestyle. The increased demands on our time compel us to seek more convenient, fast food options that are often highly processed and low in essential nutrients. We often lament the fact that we don’t have time for physical activity, are stressed out and don’t get enough quality sleep. All of these things lead to weight gain and New Year’s resolutions to lose that weight. Perhaps even a bigger issue is that the standard American diet leaves us with nutrient deficiencies making it even more difficult for our bodies to deal with the stresses of modern life. And this is a lifestyle that is becoming more common around the world, not just in the U.S.

But what about when we do everything right? We eat a balanced diet full of fresh produce, get regular physical activity, manage our stress, practice good sleeping habits and get those 8+ hours in and maintain a healthy weight. Are we doing everything we can for good health and getting all the nutrients we need? Possibly, but this is very dependent on what you’re eating and your individual needs. This can be very difficult to know for sure. There is also a difference between getting just enough of a nutrient and getting the optimal amount.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to make sure you’re getting enough of the nutrients you need – supplementation – nutrient insurance for your body. Many health-conscious individuals supplement to fill possible nutrient gaps in their diet in order to maintain an acceptable level of overall health and wellness, in addition to their regular healthy habits. Instead of living with habits that lead to risk of disease, we need to be proactive and practice habits that not only lower our risk for disease, but help us become stronger, more energetic, and feel great so we can enjoy life now.

This is why Reliv has created the Super Pack, a convenient combination of Reliv Now and LunaRich X, our Dynamic Duo for optimal health and wellness. Reliv Now contains 25 vitamins and minerals, several herbal sources of antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and 7g of soy protein. LunaRich X works at the epigenetic level to reduce cholesterol and promote overall cellular health. The powder format of these products is easier for the body to digest and absorb.

Each of these products alone are great support for overall health and wellness, but together they are even more effective. In a recent swine study (pigs have a similar physiology to that of humans), researchers found that the combination of Reliv Now and LunaRich X reduced free fatty acids in the blood, increased the hormones leptin and adiponectin (which play roles in hunger and metabolism) and reduced weight gain.

The following provides a more detailed look at the benefits of supplementing with Reliv Now and LunaRich X – the Reliv Super Pack:

25 Vitamins & Minerals
– are essential to our bodies for normal growth, development and maintenance. For example, Reliv Now contains 200% of the daily value of Vitamin B6, one of the most common vitamins for which Americans are deficient. Vitamin B6 helps the body metabolize fats and proteins, is important for healthy hair, skin, eyes, and liver, and supports several organ systems. This nutrient has to be ingested every day because the body doesn’t store it. Whatever isn’t used leaves the body.

Antioxidants – fight off excess free radicals, which can overwhelm the body’s defenses and cause oxidation and damage to our cells and DNA.

Protein – gives us energy, rebuilds and repairs our cells (such as muscle cells), and is part of many different enzymes, antibodies and hormones. It is an important building block for bones, cartilage, muscles, skin and even blood.

Enzymes – are proteins that regulate nearly every chemical reaction in the body. Thousands are made and used by the body every day. In the digestive track they break down fats, carbs and proteins while detoxifying alcohol.

Bioavailability – The powder format of Reliv products gives the body easy access to their nutrients so you get the most out of your supplement. LunaRich, found in many Reliv products, is manufactured in such a way as to leave a protective shell of protease inhibitors intact around the lunasin molecule. These molecules keep proteases (enzymes that break down proteins) from breaking down the lunasin molecule, ensuring it arrives safely to the small intestine. Here the shell is broken and lunasin is readily absorbed. Studies of LunaRich have shown the successful delivery of bioactive lunasin to the blood stream.

Lunasin is a naturally occurring soy peptide and the key to soy’s health-promoting benefits. LunaRich® from Reliv optimizes lunasin content.

You provide your body with all this and more with Reliv’s Super Pack.


A Note from Dr. Carl: Make the Super Pack Part of Your New Year’s Resolution for Good Health
Reliv Now has always been a great boost for overall health and wellness, but with the addition of LunaRich and LunaRich X capsules, their synergistic relationship has taken Reliv supplements to the next level. Start your health off right this year and resolve to kick it up a notch with Reliv’s Super Pack.
To your health,

Dr. Carl W. Hastings
Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Reliv Recognition: November 2015



As 2015 comes to a close, we congratulate all of you who have been recognized for moving your businesses forward this year. Whether new to Reliv or a long-term partner, you have helped to make a difference in our mission to Nourish Our World.

Many of you are looking to close the year strong and maybe even earn a trip to Cancun! We will certainly celebrate ‘reading your name’ on a special Monday night call, January 11, as you dream of lying on the beach via an all-expenses paid trip with many other Reliv friends (and a few of us) in recognition of your achievement.

Today, we also wish to recognize those who are leading the charge with a November to remember! Reliv Cheers to the following:

10. Esther Nevarez from California $250
9. Maria Pilar Bustos from Georgia $300
8. Maria Carmen & Roberto Pina from Arizona $350
7. Maria Victoria Santos from Ohio $400
6. Rose Hostetter from Pennsylvania $450
5. Sandra Butikofer from Iowa $500
4. Allen Stauffer from Ohio $600
3. Otto Monterrey & Maylin Salvadora Ramirez from Florida $700
2. Betty & Cliff Holborn from Canada $800
1. Elmira Mikaelian from California $1000

ROOKIE BONUS SPONSOR WINNERS: (each receives $100)
Karla & Michael Ans from Canada
Beverly & Terry Bauman from Pennsylvania
Marscia & Jeff Fleagle from Ohio
Ura & Betty Gingerich from Missouri
Rebecca Haddix from California
Feliciano Mendoza from Texas
Catalina Olalde & Carlos Tapia from Georgia
Elita Oganesyan from California
Abdel Salem from Florida

Diane & Kevin Helmold from Illinois
Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas
Amy & Mark Thomas from Pennsylvania
Dawn & David Vanamberg from Michigan