My Story: Patrice Rentsch

Visualize Dreams to Achieve Them

Sometimes when you really want something, visualizing the goal helps you believe it can come true. And that philosophy certainly is making Patrice Rentsch’s goals become reality.

Since becoming a Reliv Distributor in 2002, the Pinkney, Michigan, mother of three has strategically set, visualized and accomplished her goals — one at a time.

Interested in Reliv as a way to earn an income around her family, Patrice faithfully plugged into the Reliv System from the start. Within two weeks, she shared $1,500 worth of products. By her fifth month, she earned $2,400 in all forms of income.

In January 2006, Patrice achieved Senior Director. “I am succeeding in Reliv because I encourage my downline to dream lofty dreams,” she explains. “I tell them to visualize their dreams to achieve them.

“I reached Senior Director because I read my goal aloud twice a day and visualized myself walking into the Senior Director workshop as the new Ambassadors cheered. Now it’s reality.”

Patrice’s sights are now set on reaching Ambassador and celebrating at Walt Disney World® Resort with her husband Paul, her family and her Reliv team.
She adds, “The great thing about Reliv is that by helping others achieve their dreams, you reach yours. We’re all going to Walt Disney World® Resort!”

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