My Story: Ruth Ortiz

Why Work When You Can Reliv?

Reliv Senior Director Ruth Ortiz, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, was visiting with her brother and his family in Chicago when she learned about Reliv. Her brother told Ruth about how nice his new neighbors were. Ruth asked what the couple did for a living and her brother replied, ‘They don’t work.’ Then he pulled a can of Reliv product out of his cabinet and said, ‘With this can, you can make $30,000 a month.’”

Ruth was curious, so when she later ran into the neighbors, Silver Ambassadors Valerie and Tom Moody, at the park, she couldn’t help but ask. She wasn’t interested in the business, but did want to try the product. Ruth got great results and says she hasn’t been able to stop sharing Reliv.

“How can I not say something?” she asks. “I started thinking about all the people I loved and cared about and how I could help them. Everywhere you go, you hear about people’s problems with health and finances.”

Ruth adds, “I just listen for people’s needs and the opportunities to share Reliv fall right in your lap. I tell them, ‘I don’t know if this is for you, but you’ve got to take a look at Reliv.’ I love helping people.”