Meet Our Ambassadors: Karen Rypkema

RypkemaKarenMoving forward.

For Karen Rypkema of Rapid City, South Dakota, Reliv is more than a business — it’s a way of life. “Everyday I ask myself, ‘Who is God going to put in my path today so that I can tell them about Reliv?’ she says. “I am just so passionate about this.” Karen’s passion for her work is paying big dividends; she became a Presidential Bronze Ambassador in January 2006.

When asked what has been her secret to success, Karen has to laugh. “That’s the best part,” she says. “There is no secret, no magic formula. Anyone can do it if they just follow the simple steps of the Reliv System. It just takes a little commitment and focus and setting aside some time everyday. You’d be amazed by how working even just one hour a day can make your Reliv business take off.”

For Karen, operating a successful business is only a small part of the Reliv experience. “I have always been a big advocate for health and fitness,” she says. “Happiness requires good health, and I love bringing it back into people’s lives.

“On the opportunity side, I am helping people to achieve their dreams,” Karen continues. “I love empowering people and connecting them to one another. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to share something that changes someone’s life. We are offering people financial hope.”
Three and a half years ago, Karen Rypkema was already leading a busy life—two daughters at home, a house under construction, bible class instruction, and more. Still, she decided to make room for Reliv. Her life has not been the same since. “Reliv has given our family health and financial freedom and has added a whole new purpose to my life,” she says. “I am beyond grateful for this incredible opportunity.”

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