Meet Our Ambassadors: Sondra and Norm Rupp

Rupp2Worry-free tomorrows with Reliv.

Presidential Directors and Ambassadors Sondra and Norm Rupp of St. George, Utah, set clear and realistic goals for their Reliv business and that has helped them realize their worry-free retirement dreams.

Before launching their Reliv business in 2001, Sondra and Norm were unsure about the future because their 40-year drywall business had left them with more debt than retirement money. Uncertainty soon gave way to positive anticipation, however, as the Rupps watched their Reliv business grow exponentially.

“We made a decision to be teachable and emulate our uplines. I was amazed that by simply following the Reliv System and doing it with enthusiasm, we made enough income in seven months to qualify for, and be invited into the Ambassador Program,” Sondra notes.

In 2003, the Rupps earned $70,000 with Reliv and began an incredible new life. Norm finally hung up his drywall tools, and he and Sondra started working together. As they helped others set up their own Reliv businesses, they enjoyed traveling together and began looking forward to every new day.

Last year, Sondra and Norm challenged themselves to achieve Presidential Director level. “We wrote PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR BY JANUARY 2006 on a board where we could see it every day,” Sondra reveals. “We sat down and set goals for each month, then each week, then each day. By accomplishing each daily goal, we made those long-term goals a reality.”
In January 2006, Sondra and Norm did achieve the income level of their dreams, and they are still going. “We know now we never have to worry again!”

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