Meet Our Ambassadors: Allison and Don Sandoval

SandovalMorgan’s message of hope.

It was because of their special needs child, Morgan, that Allison and Don Sandoval of Keller, Texas, got involved with Reliv. “A neighbor invited us to try the products in February 2000 and after just four days on the products we joined the business,” Allison recalls.

Morgan used to suffer from three seizures a month, but since Reliv she has now gone 32 months without a seizure. “I know there are no cures in these cans, but as a mother who has watched her child suffer, I no longer live in fear wondering when the next episode will hit. Morgan has been a gift to us and we know about Reliv because of her. I feel so blessed that we can share this wonderful opportunity with others.

Conference calls have played a major role in sharing that message. “We are on two live calls and two other calls a week,” Allison reports, who is now an Ambassador. “We have shared our story with thousands of others so we can be an encouragement to parents who struggle.” They also take advantage of all training opportunities and work with their upline extensively.

Allison and Don are fortunate in that they don’t really need the income from Reliv… today. But, Allison says, “Reliv ensures we will never have to make the heartbreaking decision to put Morgan in a home when we are gone. This is willable income and we will be able to afford to have someone live with her or care for her in another of our children’s homes. And we are helping others get in that same position, too.”

Allison admits there have been things that could have discouraged her along the way, but she never let them get to her. “If we help just one more person who is struggling as a parent of a disabled child, then our work, Morgan’s work, is all worth it.

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