Reliv Launches LunaRich X

LunaRich X™ has arrived! LunaRich X is the most pure, concen­trated form of lunasin ever produced — more than 200 times the lunasin potency of high quality soy protein.
Lunasin is the naturally occurring peptide scientists have identified as the key to many of soy’s remarkable health benefits — from cholesterol reduction to overall cellular health.

LunaRich X marks the culmination of an extensive research and development process that began with the discovery of the lunasin peptide in 1996. Lunasin is now one of the most heavily researched and scientifically supported nutritional compounds available today.
“This is an exciting day for Reliv and for nutrition science,” said Reliv Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings. “The research behind this product is extraordinary, and the results people are already seeing speak for themselves. This is a real game-changer for Reliv consumers and Distributors.”

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What’s Your Point?

Studies show that increasing the amount of lunasin you consume increases the health benefits you receive. Along with the launch of LunaRich X, the scientists at Reliv have enhanced all LunaRich® soy powder products to deliver the same amount of bioactive lunasin per serving. Now you can determine the LunaRich you need for optimal health through a simple point system: 1 serving of any LunaRich product = 1 LunaRich point.

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Boost Your Benefits

LunaRich makes all Reliv products better… even products without LunaRich! Research shows that lunasin increases the potency and efficacy of other nutrients. When nutrients activate healthy genes, lunasin can make these genes more readily recognized by the cell, thus increasing healthy outcomes. That’s how adding LunaRich to your regimen powers up the benefits you receive from all Reliv products. Learn more.

Multiply your good health by the power of X!

9 thoughts on “Reliv Launches LunaRich X

  1. This is exciting!! What an amazing team at Reliv!! Cannot wait to try it in our family! Also Thank you Reliv for the $50.00 Prize!! There is always exciting things happening and I am glad to be part of it!

  2. A Nutritional Volcano is about to erupt, and it’s called LunaRich X! I also thank you, Reliv, for the $50 prize today!

  3. Wow what a presentation today on the webcast!! Exciting, affordable, targeted, cutting edge.

    We had 18 at our home for the webcast. We decided when they flashed the winners of anything I’d take one column and another person would take the 2nd column and another person the 3rd column. We just couldn’t see them fast enough. I’m sure Reliv will put it out by noon on Monday so we know who won what and who all is going with us to JAMAICA!!!

    I was very surprised that we were 9th! I had moped a bit knowing that we just didn’t make this trip at all. I really wanted to go. This will be a trip to remember.

    NOW, let’s get out there and show the world what we are made of when it comes to all the work all of these men and our company has done for us. Not to mention the promoting publicity!!! Go Reliv!! We have the best – let’s prove it.

  4. Wow so happy to be going to Jamaica This will be a great trip with Reliv friends .

  5. What am amazing day on Saturday! We have the ability to further boost our already cutting edge nutrients to add an even greater benefit. We are so thankful and honored to be going to Jamaica and look forward to the list being published so we can congratulate all! Thank you Reliv for your generosity and the ongoing support you give to all of us!
    Maureen Soens

  6. Wes – Research is continuing on this break-through ingredient and a larger human clinical study of this nature is in the planning phases.

  7. One capsule does not have enough caloric content to be declared on the label. There is less than one calorie in a capsule.

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