Enjoying the Ride

Thirteen years ago, personal trainer Pam Thielen of Elkhorn, NE, was looking for a nutritional supplement to recommend to her clients. Instead, she found a whole new lifestyle.

“I knew Reliv supplements were the answer. These products were different than anything else I had tried,” Pam explains. “I was so excited after my first meeting with [Reliv Hall of Famer] Trish Fischer that I joined the business right away.”


Two and a half years after being introduced to Reliv, Pam left her personal training business to focus on Reliv full time. “It’s a lot easier to get a person to drink a Reliv shake than to make them exercise!”

Freedom and Fun

The income from her Reliv business helps Pam enjoy her favorite pastime — horseback riding. “Horses are an expensive hobby. With my Reliv income, I was able to build our own indoor riding arena,” Pam says. “I make a great income with Reliv, but the free time I have is worth more to me than any other benefit.” The time freedom has enabled Pam to focus on her family. “My husband, Dean, and I enjoy hunting, fishing and playing sports. We’ve been very involved in our  children’s lives as they grew up, volunteering at school and watching their athletic events.” Pam’s daughter, Cass, shares her mother’s fondness for horses. “My daughter and I have shown horses together since she was young. With the freedom of my business, we’ve been able to go to horse shows whenever we wanted.”
Surprise Announcement
Pam left early from the 2012 Reliv International Conference in St. Louis to take Cass to Iowa State for the start of her freshman year. Unbeknownst to Pam, Reliv had planned a special onstage announcement: Pam was the newest
member of the Reliv Hall of Fame! “I always knew I’d set new goals to take my Reliv business even further once
my kids were off at college,” Pam says. “I just never imagined how quickly I’d start reaching them! “I was at the airport when I received a phone call from [Senior Vice President of North American Sales] Steve Hastings, who was onstage at the conference. People in the airport must have been looking at me funny because I was in such shock and had to sit down!”

“Being in the Reliv Hall of Fame is a fantastic honor, but it doesn’t change my approach. I’m still a Reliv Distributor. If
anything, this actually spurs me on to work harder,” Pam says. “Now that I’m an empty nester, I’m focusing all of my energy into my Reliv business. My plan is to double my business in the next few years — and have a lot of fun doing it!”

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