Meet Our Ambassadors: Frank and Debbi Baker

BakersFulfilling dreams, finding financial security.

Time only makes the Reliv experience sweeter for Double Platinum Ambassadors Frank and Debbi Baker of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Bakers started their business in 1991. Debbie was a real estate broker at the time working 70 hours a week and missing her little boy grow up. Frank was churning through corporate America.
At her first Reliv conference, Debbi caught the vision and came home knowing Reliv was the way for her to stay at home with her son and still earn an income. Her goal then was to go out and share this opportunity with other moms. Debbi used her lunch hour each day to share the Reliv story and after eight months was able to quit her job.


Persistence and a Plan
To build her Reliv business, Debbi was disciplined and had a daily plan of action. “I was used to working on commission so I was self motivated,” she says. “I applied the same persistence and consistency to Reliv that I put into my real estate career.”
Her dedication paid off. She was home with her son throughout his childhood and was able to take him with her on several first-class Reliv trips around the world. In addition, Frank retired after 25 years in corporate America and the couple was able to move from Massachusetts to the warmer climate they dreamed of in Myrtle Beach.
“When we moved, we didn’t have to look for jobs,” Debbi says. “Our Reliv paychecks were just delivered to our new address. Now we’re three miles from the beach living in a golf community — what could be better?”
Debbi and Frank also love to take their sand chairs and cell phones to the beach to work. “We call it our office with a view,” Debbi says. “We often gather our Distributors for some fun and goal setting at the beach as well. Why not when you live somewhere this beautiful?”
The Bakers continue earning a “healthy” six-figure income, which gives them peace of mind and a solid sense of security in these economic times, Debbi says. “Now more than ever, people are open to hearing about Reliv and the hope it offers. Reliv has given us a tremendous lifestyle of freedom and financial security. We just want to pay it forward and offer others the same opportunity. We’re living proof that if you invest time and work hard, it will pay you for the rest of your life. Network marketing is a beautiful thing!”

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