Meet Our Ambassadors: Janice and Warren Ziegler

Ziegler20060818Building people.

Ambassadors Janice and Warren Ziegler of St. George, Utah, describe the work they do through their Reliv business as “building people.” And the Zieglers themselves are the first people they ever “built.”

Five years ago, Warren needed open heart surgery. He had spent the previous three years building a business, which couldn’t tolerate him in a diminished capacity. After his surgery, he had to leave that job and return to his former position as a truck driver. “That’s when we started looking for another alternative,” Janice says. “I just had to get him off of that truck.”

It only took one Reliv meeting to get the Zieglers hooked. “My heart was really touched by the stories I heard,” Warren says. “I stayed up all night thinking about it and what it might mean to us.”

The Zieglers became Master Affiliates in February 2003. That August, they finished fifth in the nation in sales. Warren got off the truck that same month.
“We are now able to choose when we want to work and who we want to work with,” says Janice, who was also able to leave behind her long hours at the kitchen store where she worked. “I was locked into the store. Now I have time to pursue my hobbies, like gardening and scrapbooking; and see all my kids, grandkids and great grandkids.”

The Zieglers believe there is no better business opportunity than Reliv. “On the very first night, I could see the business,” Warren says. “It is simple to do, easy to duplicate, and easy to teach. Now we no longer worry about paying for retirement. We know our Reliv business will continue to grow.”

But the greatest reward comes from the lives they touch. “With Reliv we are building people,” Warren says. “There is no greater blessing than that.”

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