Meet Our Ambassadors: Patty and Bill Perrin

Perrin2Winning with an outward focus.

When Bronze Ambassador Patty Perrin moved to Florida, she quickly found herself out of a job. Thinking this was a message that she should take a different path, she began working in a book store. Patty recalls, “I was praying for two things – relief from my menopausal issues, and a job I could do from home.”

While they were out shopping for gifts on their way to a Reliv cruise, Gold Ambassador Betty Wolf and Triple Platinum Ambassador Carol Felger happened into the book store and struck up a conversation with Patty. “I was intrigued and Betty followed up with me later. We started on the products in April of 1996 and became Master Affiliates in May,” Patty says. “I have never seen Bill so excited about anything!”

Bill says, “My mom was the first person we shared the products with. She had great results and is now a Bronze Ambassador. We continue to share Reliv with everyone, realizing we may have the answer to their prayers.

“We made a commitment to the Reliv Success System and to be there every Tuesday and Saturday no matter what,” Bill continues. There is no success in Reliv by yourself. It’s all teamwork. We focus on helping others.”

Their upline showed a tremendous commitment and Bill and Patty follow that example and pass it along to others.

Bill and Patty say this business has changed their lives in three important ways. “Reliv gave us a serious retirement income, which we collect now.” Patty says, “I used to fear talking to people and now I actually enjoy talking to groups. The personal growth has been tremendous.” And finally, they have the freedom to visit out-of-state family and work in a business they love at the same time.

“We are grateful to God every day that we have the privilege of making a difference in the lives of others.”

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