Meet Our Ambassadors: Jeanie Perez

PerezSucceeding in uncharted territory.

It all started in June 2004 when her best friend sent Reliv products to Jeanie Perez of Guam to help with leg pain, and back and hormonal issues. Weeks passed and Jeanie didn’t really think about the shakes she was taking. Then she attended an in-home meeting and heard the story of a woman who used Reliv to address similar health problems. At that moment, Jeanie put it all together. She realized that it was because of Reliv that she was feeling much better and decided right then and there that she was going to make Reliv a very big part of her life.

Jeanie saw an immediate opportunity to help the people of her island. She attended the international conference in St. Louis determined to learn what Reliv was all about. “Guam was uncharted territory,” she says. “Reliv was not known in Guam a year and a half ago.”

Jeanie worked at building a strong customer base, but things really took off for her business in September 2005. She organized dozens of meetings. And when her upline arrived on Guam, they introduced more than 400 people to Reliv and added 14 new Master Affiliates in a fast-paced series of presentations.

“It was a remarkable experience,” Jeanie says. “The excitement of trying to help so many people made us want to keep going.”

Through hard work and using her upline and the Reliv System, Jeanie became an Ambassador in October 2005 and has established a thriving business in Guam. In fact, a few postal workers signed on as Reliv Distributors and customers when they saw all the product being shipped to the island!

“I thought I had lost my dreams a long time ago,” Jeanie says. “Thanks to Reliv, I can dare to dream again. I can see where I’m going, and can visualize a brighter future. I thank God for this gift.”