Meet Our Ambassadors: Janice Mellema

Mellema, Janice smallNurse discovers new way to help others.

When Presidential Director Janice Mellema of Platte, South Dakota, was introduced to Reliv in March 2004, she was already a network marketing veteran. “I had tried a variety of other home businesses but was never able to make them work,” she explains. “After attending my first conference, I knew Reliv was different because the company was always looking for ways to support and reward its Distributors.”

After only a year with Reliv, Janice was able to leave her 35-year career as a registered nurse. “I was otherwise going to have to work 10-15 more years,” she says. “The best part was that I could still help people with their health — this time from the wellness perspective.”

Running a ‘Family’ Business

Janice points to the “Reliv family” as the most meaningful aspect of her experience. “The people that I’ve been able to touch and who’ve touched me mean the world to me,” she says. “In going through a difficult time in my life recently, my Reliv family was a key support in helping me get through it. Now that my children have signed on as Distributors, it’s more like a family than ever!”

Janice wants her example to serve as inspiration for others. “I was a person who needed some developing,” she admits. “But people saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself. The personal growth I have been able to achieve as a result has been a tremendous gift in my life. Now I strive to help others like me. Becoming Presidential Director is only the beginning. I still have a long way to go.”