Meet Our Ambassadors: Joe and Marly Mechaley

MechaleyLiving joyfully again with Reliv.

Throughout her life, Marly Mechaley of Spearfish, South Dakota, turned to exercise as a way to cope with depression and stress. Unfortunately, an auto accident in 1995 resulted in chronic pain, hindering her ability to spend time outdoors and exacerbating her 15-year battle with depression.

“Dealing with pain and depression, and on top of that, some serious digestive problems that prevented me from eating most foods – I really couldn’t see the joy in life,” Marly recalls.

After running the gamut of drug and physical therapies, Marly turned to a myriad of supplements. Nothing helped – until she was introduced to Reliv.

“After hearing health stories from several Distributors, I bought my first cans of Reliv with hope in my heart,” says this new Ambassador. “Six weeks after trying the products I began to see results. Six months later, my pain was seriously improved. I knew I was better when I began to forget to take my antidepressant medication – that had never happened before.”

Marly says she got relief from digestive issues, severe hay fever and hot flashes, her vision improved and her mind was clearer and sharper than it had been in years.

Signing up at the top profit level with Reliv, Marly says over the past two years she has tried to model top Distributors, talking nonstop about Reliv, hosting a flurry of shake parties and never missing Tuesday Opportunity Meetings and Saturday Training.

“I’ll never forget the low place I was at in my life before I was introduced to Reliv,” Marly says. “I am living joyfully again and am thrilled to be a part of Reliv’s mission to nourish the world. I truly celebrate each new Distributor that rises in my organization because it means we’re one step closer to making this dream a reality.”

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