The Science of LunaRich

LunaRich™, Reliv’s breakthrough soy powder, exploded onto the nutrition scene in February and continues to generate excitement across the country.  Consumers are seeing real results in their health, and Distributors are seeing real growth in their businesses. We sat down with Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the scientist behind LunaRich, to learn what makes this Reliv-exclusive ingredient such a nutritional powerhouse.

Q: How does LunaRich compare to other approaches to cholesterol management?

Cholesterol management starts with proper diet and exercise. And LunaRich can play a significant role in that, by delivering elevated amounts of bioactive lunasin through Reliv shakes.

Lunasin works at an earlier stage in the cholesterol production process than prescription statins. Lunasin reduces — without entirely stopping — the expression of the HMG-CoA Reductase gene, whereas statin drugs work by blocking the HMG-CoA Reductase enzyme after it has been produced. Statin drugs can oftentimes be too efficient and block too much of the HMG-CoA enzyme. As a result, serious side effects can occur because some cholesterol is required by the body for certain necessary cellular functions, such as maintaining cell membrane integrity and hormone production.

Some people do require statins to maintain good health, however, and it is important to consult your physician before starting or altering any cholesterol management program.

Q: How is LunaRich able to deliver 5-10 times as much lunasin as ordinary soy powders?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the bioavailable lunasin content of LunaRich. As previously mentioned, we begin with the germ plasm screening to select only those varieties of soybeans that naturally contain the highest lunasin content. The manufacturing technology used to produce LunaRich is also critical. This proprietary process does not use any harsh chemicals that could destroy or wash away the peptide. Many soy powders are manufactured through a chemical extraction method; however, LunaRich is manufactured using only mechanical extraction to separate the various soy components.

Q: How does LunaRich make the lunasin molecules more bioavailable?

Once we identified that a protective shell of protease inhibitors was necessary to deliver the bioavailable Lunasin content, we refined the manufacturing process to assure the integrity of the protease inhibitors is maintained throughout. At the Missouri Plant Science Center, we have total control over the manufacturing process and therefore can be certain that the lunasin in LunaRich comes in a form that can be readily absorbed by the body.

Q: In addition to cholesterol management, what other lunasin health benefits is research is uncovering?

With Lunasin research being conducted at more than 25 institutions around the world, the body of research is continuously expanding! Some of the other applications include anti-aging, weight loss, inflammation and skin health. I believe we’re just getting started on discovering what this remarkable peptide can do. The potential benefits for human health are extraordinary, and it inspires my work every day.

 Dr. Alfredo Galvez is a renowned research scientist at the Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics at UC Davis and lead scientific advisor at the Missouri Plant Science Center. Dr. Galvez first discovered lunasin in 1996 during research at UC Berkley to improve the nutritional profile of soy protein.

What Others are saying about LunaRich:

“With LunaRich my energy levels have absolutely soared, I’m at the top of my game mentally and I feel fantastic! I know it sounds strange, but I’m just happier and in a more joyful demeanor. Reliv Distributors need to grab hold of this opportunity right now. It’s a rocket ready to take off!” ~Mary Light, Huntingburg, IN

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