Congratulations Disney Dream Cruise Winners!

Congratulations to the Independent Reliv Distributors who earned their spot on the Disney Dream Cruise! They have made their dreams a reality by earning a trip to the white sandy beaches, warm temperatures and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean! 
North America’s Top 35 PGPV for November- December
Mark & Joan Suffield from Kansas
Don & Nancy Fansler from Maryland
John & Jacque Hayes from Arizona
Jim & Sandy Schaben from Nebraska
David & Betty Blazic from Kansas
Lori & Russ Doerneman from Kansas
Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire
Gena & George Winchell from New Hampshire
Sherri Selman from Georgia
Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas
Ron & Lori Moore from Arizona
Dr. Rod & Rosalind Porter from Colorado
Karen & Ron Turner from Utah
Lena Auker from Pennsylvania
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon
Dawn & David Vanamberg from Michigan
Steve & Joyce Holthaus from Illinois
Doris & Henry Leissing from North Carolina
Lou Ann & Michael Pecorelli from Utah
Jael Bustamante from Texas
Eileen & James Tesch from Michigan
Christina & Marc Avallone from Pennsylvania
Gordon & LaNae Mortensen from Arizona
Sue Brusa from New Hampshire
Darnly Motter from Colorado
Sandie & Al Sopko from Arizona
Missy & Scott McCabe from Pennsylvania
Karen Limberger from California
Susan & Paul Pouliot from New Jersey
Robert & Jean Benna from Pennsylvania
Ura & Betty Gingerich from Wisconsin
Darla & Don Sieverding from Iowa
Joyce & Les Ferguson from Ohio
Fern & Dan Utz from Ohio
Jonathan & Marjorie Gehman from Pennsylvania
Canada’s Top PGPV for November-December:
1. Florence & Elo Sauder
2. Maria Klassen
Drawing winners:
(Among the new Master Affiliates who qualified in November or December)
1. Sharon Meleander from Kansas
2. Kevin & Lucy Marino from Massachusetts
3. Richard & Paulette Eichner from New Jersey
4. Lisa Wilson from Georgia
Drawing winners:
(among those who sponsored a new MA in November or December)
1. Coleen & Weston Moore from Ohio
2. Debbie Bailey from Montana
3. Ian & Ariella Monson from California
4. Rocio Ochoa from Tennesee