My Story: Libby Kroezen

Libby Kroezen, of Ontario, Canada, was spending a lot of her time and money at the health food stores before she heard about Reliv. A bad car accident twenty-five years ago left her with back problems that made working impossible. Surgery was looking likely and the arthritis that had also set in made daily living even more challenging.

“I’m really a kid at heart,” Libby says. “But I couldn’t pick up my grandkids and throw them up in the air like I wanted to. I couldn’t do any of the things I like to do, like riding carnival rides, playing baseball, volleyball and basketball.”

Libby heard about Reliv on the local radio and called immediately to find out more. Five months after starting the products, she reports she was feeling great.

“I will never be without Reliv,” she says. “It is my nourishment. I’m over 65 and I feel better than I did at 45. I’m so thankful to God and Reliv. Now, when I hear someone talking about poor health, I say, ‘Let me tell you what happened to me!’”

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