My Story: Laura Johnston

Loving Life Once Again

Caring for six children while struggling with chronic migraines isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what Laura Johnston, of Washington, Utah, had to do. At least twice a month, she could expect to surrender to another headache. She’d have to retreat to the dark and avoid heat and certain smells.

“It was terrible,” Laura recalls. “We tried so many things, but nothing ever worked.”

A friend who knew about Laura’s 35-year plight, shared Reliv with her a little more than four years ago. Laura says that, since taking her first shake, she’s had wonderful results.

“I feel like I can live again. I love life,” Laura notes. She’s happy to report that her total cholesterol also dropped, and she’s experienced a reduction in some of her menopause symptoms as well.

Laura’s six children, all grown now, and married with children of their own, are amazed by the changes in their mother. Her husband is too.

“Now I feel like doing things,” Laura says. “Now I can actually enjoy my grandchildren — I’ve got 15 and two on the way! I really believe nutrition is the answer.”

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