Laugh in the Face of Stress

SubscribeButton-weblaughAs the media churns out bad news like a factory of doom, you may literally feel your shoulders tensing, your stomach knotting and your brow furrowing. This kind of stress is no joke — it’s not healthy for you mentally or physically. The good news is there’s a happy antidote: laughter may just be the best medicine! Continue reading “Laugh in the Face of Stress”

Oh, The Many Wonders of Omega-3

SubscribeButton-webomega 3Despite the abundance of food in most developed countries, our diets today are still sadly lacking. One key power nutrient missing? Omega-3, an essential fatty acid. And more studies are showing that increasing omega-3 in our diets can pay off in significant health benefits, from weight loss to decreased risk of heart disease. Continue reading “Oh, The Many Wonders of Omega-3”

Simple Everyday Tips for a Healthier You

SubscribeButton-webtips to healthier youWith health information and diet books everywhere we turn, we all know what we’re supposed to eat and that we need to exercise. So why do we continue to make the wrong choices and push the scales upward? Continue reading “Simple Everyday Tips for a Healthier You”

Reliv: The Best Value for your Health!

It’s an increasingly common comment from your prospects: “Relìv is too expensive.” In this economy, many consumers are trying any way they can to save. So how can you convince them that Relìv is the best value for their money?

2 Bucks 2 Better Health

First, preventive health goes a long way toward keeping healthcare costs controlled in the long run. For example, managing your blood sugar with GlucAffect® costs far less than the long-term costs of complications from uncontrolled diabetes and obesity.

“Relìv’s Essential Nutrition costs about $2.50 per day, less than a daily latte. Which one will do more for your body?” say Presidential Platinum Ambassadors Phil and Betty Wolf.

Trends show many people are supplementing for prevention, to avoid longer term costs of poor health. “Americans are losing confidence in their ability to pay for healthcare,” notes Don Montuori, publisher of Packaged Facts, a market research publication. “Compared to doctor visits, hospital stays and prescription drugs, nutritional supplements can be a bargain.”

You Get What You Pay For

“Many people are shopping at big box stores for their supplements. They’ll shop there until you tell them about the Relìv Difference!” say Phil and Betty. “Relìv was developed to provide the range of nutrients your body needs to do the best possible job — and they are designed to be user-friendly!”

You’ve probably seen so many supplement recalls this past year you can’t remember them all. In fact, the FDA recalled seven dietary supplements in August 2010 alone. Reasons ranged from contamination to mislabeling. The “discount” supplements sold at major retailers are often manufactured in subpar facilities. These cheaper alternatives may contain the wrong ingredients or ingredient amounts different from what is on the label. Unsanitary manufacturing conditions can also lead to contamination.

Relìv’s Commitment to Quality

With the negative publicity about dangerous supplements, how can your prospects be sure Relìv is safe and effective? Relìv owns our manufacturing facility at corporate headquarters, so we control manufacturing conditions, holding them to an even higher standard than what the FDA requires. Relìv goes beyond standard Good Manufacturing Practices outlined for the supplement industry, operating our facility in near-pharmaceutical conditions. All ingredients and finished products are quality tested for purity, potency and accuracy.

“We’ve had opportunities to take shortcuts that might have increased profitability over the years, but that’s not the Relìv way. Our families take these products. We wouldn’t give them anything but the best,” says Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings.

What about the prospects who still aren’t convinced they can afford Relìv? Phil and Betty have a simple answer for them: “If you can’t afford the product, then you need a Relìv business. Become a Distributor and earn enough to pay for your product and more!”

Fantastic Phytos

SubscribeButton-webphytosUsing herbs for health purposes is nothing new — its history dates back thousands of years and touches every corner of the globe. Garlic cloves were even found in King Tut’s tomb.

And now herbs are more clearly demonstrating their benefits in the modern world. For example, the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia has found that consuming a half to one clove of garlic daily may lower cholesterol up to nine percent. Aged garlic extract also has been associated with anti-clotting and reducing blood pressure. Continue reading “Fantastic Phytos”