8 Helpful Steps for Intentional Grocery Shopping


We have all been there. It’s almost dinner time and you don’t have what you need to prepare a meal. You reluctantly go to the store. Eyes glazed over, stomach rumbling and mindlessly roaming the isles, you begin to grab whatever looks good in the moment. You only went for one crucial item for dinner, but somehow came back with everything but the one item needed. Your family is frustrated and you are embarrassed. There must be a better way. And there is a better way. Being intentional is key.

1. Start at the End and Work Backward
If we start with finding healthy meals first, we can break those meals down into practical steps and then into the ingredients that are needed. Many families wait until the day or night of to pick a meal. This is stressful, time consuming and wastes money.

2. Only Shop Once a Week
Instead of going to the store every single day, plan ahead and go weekly or biweekly. Being organized will save you time and help you avoid the “what do you want for dinner” conversation.

3. Do Not Shop When You Are Hungry
To make good choices and stay fully alert on your trip, it is a good idea to go when you have recently eaten. You can also make yourself a Reliv smoothie with Slimplicity® or add Cellebrate® to your daily shake. When satiated, you’ll be much less likely to pick up tempting junk food and empty carbs. Try a shot of 24K® on your way to the store to keep you focused and reduce your stress.

4. Create a Communal List
A constructive way to let voices be heard is to make a communal grocery list. This could be on the fridge or shared online for anyone to submit their requests for specific meals or grocery items.

5. Brainstorm
Request meal ideas from your family a week before you will use them. If someone has an idea of what they would like for a meal or snack, ask them to write it down. If they do some of the brainstorming, you need less to come up with on your own.

6. Start Your Planning on the Weekends
We all love our weekends. They are a time to relax and reset for the next week. That being said, they are a wonderful time to plan the next week by finding new, healthy recipes. Turn to the internet and compile a list and compare that list to what you have in the fridge. If you need something, add it to the list. Keep a rotation of easy “go to” meals for busy weeknights.

7. Shop Alone if You Can
It is easier to stick to your list if you are the only one buying anything. If you have kids, teach them how to help. I still remember my dad teaching me how to pick a ripe watermelon. He would tap on them until he heard the right sound. We always had ripe fruit in our house.

8. Be Intentional
Stick to the items on your list, and shop the perimeter of the store for the freshest foods. Avoid the processed foods in the middle aisles. Everyone deserves an occasional treat, so if you do deviate from your plan, know that the Reliv supplements you are taking will help keep your diet balanced.

What are your tips for grocery shopping? How do you maintain sanity when shopping and cooking for a family? Share your tips and thoughts below!

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