Is Your Skin Ready for More Time Outdoors?




SkinHealth-webAs we look forward to warmer weather and enjoying more time outside, it is wise to first consider what that means for our health, especially our skin.

While sunlight, or more specifically its ultraviolet B rays, is important for boosting our skin cells’ ability to produce vitamin D, it is only needed in small doses. A fair-skinned person in shorts and a tank top, unprotected by sunscreen, soaking in the midday summer sun for just 10 minutes can produce about 10,000 international units of vitamin D[i] — well above the 600-800 IU daily intake recommended by the Institute of Medicine.[ii] Continue reading “Is Your Skin Ready for More Time Outdoors?”

A Closer Look at Eye Health




VisionHealth-web (1)Every day starts the same. You wake up, open your eyes, look at your bedroom ceiling and start your day. Your morning routine might be repetitious, but the gift of eyesight should not be taken for granted. Your eyes cannot properly function if denied the proper nutrients. Understanding how your eyes work and remain healthy is crucial in maintaining both eye health and overall wellness. Continue reading “A Closer Look at Eye Health”