Why Working Out with a Friend is Good for You

By Reliv Bronze Ambassador Joyce Holthaus

One of the things I love about having a fitness friend (or two) is accountability. I may not stick with my workouts on my own but when I know that someone else is counting on me, I am more likely to show up.

A Happy Distraction

I love a good distraction when I’m doing something challenging and when I’m working out in a class or with a friend I get distracted. Before you know it the workout is over and it didn’t feel like it went on forever and would never end.

As a fitness instructor who teaches a newer workout format (Pound), I’ve noticed that many times when people come to my class for the first time, they come with a friend. I think that’s because we are more apt to try something new if we have a friend to do it with us.

A Friendly Challenge

Exercising with a friend pushes me to do my workout to the best of my ability. I like the added challenge of trying to keep up with them and test my own limits.

My last reason for working out with others is because I like to laugh! I find that I laugh a lot more working out when I’m with others. We sing loud to the music playing, laugh at our mistakes (I’m uncoordinated and have balance challenges) and just have fun. Laughing definitely makes the workout less painful and go quicker!

Moving Forward Together

Whether I’m going for a walk, going to the gym or attending a class I love doing it with another person (or more). So go grab a friend (or a few) and get moving together! You’ll challenge each other, encourage each other and make the workout so much more fun!

Whether you’re working out with a friend or solo, check out free Fit3 Workouts online! You can do them on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home. You can also use the Fit3 Daily Moves calendar, which is new each month, and invite your friend to become an accountability partner! This works great if your friend lives far away, or if you can’t get together in person.

Whatever you choose to do, incorporating a friend into your fitness routine is a win-win!


My Story: Heidi Westrom

Name: Heidi Westrom
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Gigs: Reliv, Theatre Department Coordinator at Santa Ana College
Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Innergize!, FibRestore, SoySentials, Slimplicity, ProVantage and 24K
A Healthy Start: Growing up, I knew I needed vitamins in my life to complete what diet alone was not  giving me.

Searching for Answers: I was frustrated with trying to take a variety of pills and feeling like they weren’t helping. I was also very active at the gym and wanted a protein powder to complement my workout.

Putting the Pieces Together: After hearing success stories and seeing how easy it was to take, I knew I needed Reliv. Reliv truly makes nutrition simple. I haven’t been sick since, my joints aren’t as sore and I feel great!

Making Master: On Dec. 31, I became a Reliv Master Affiliate. Two weeks later my name was drawn as a winner of a trip to Jamaica! I am so excited to start changing lives —starting with my own!