It Feels Good to Be a Woman: Liza Hernandez Johnston




Name: Liza Hernandez Johnston

Home: Rapid City, SD

Gigs: Mother of blended family of nine, kettle corn business, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, FibRestore, Innergize!, Slimplicity®, GlucAffect®, LunaRich X

Enough is Enough: I suffered from terrible PMS symptoms for more than 20 years — debilitating cramps and terrible headaches every month. I even had an iron deficiency. None of the products I tried gave me any relief.

Chance Meeting: I was shopping one day and mentioned to someone that I had a headache. She started asking questions, and I told her about my health problems. Lucky for me she was a Reliv Distributor.

Sweet Relief: That was seven years ago. Today my iron levels are back up, and PMS and headaches are no longer issues. I feel great! Now I’m introducing other women like me to Reliv and thrilled to see them get results, too.

Find Your Balance: New SoySentials Video Is Here!

Reliv’s latest product video is here – right in time for Mother’s Day!
“Find Your Balance” lets you see how SoySentials® is helping women everywhere take control of their health and get the most out of every day. Real-life success stories plus commentary from Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Alfredo Galvez give you a new way to understand and share this breakthrough formula for women. View the video and spread the word!

About SoySentials:
SoySentials’ unique blend of soy protein, potent antioxidants, probiotics and herbs gives you an unparalleled nutritional approach to women’s health. The formula is powered by Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich® soy powder, developed by leading scientists to maximize lunasin levels and soy’s documented health benefits. Ingredients work together to promote bone health, support the immune system and ease the symptoms of menopause and PMS to keep you performing at your peak.

Celebrate Healthy Women with SoySentials




Many women spend their time caring for others while balancing education and career demands. With increasingly busy schedules, the concerns women have about their own health can fall by the wayside. May, Women’s Health Care month, is a great time for women to take stock of health goals, risk factors, family history and nutritional intake. This month, take time to evaluate all the ways you can experience the best that life has to offer by taking excellent care of your health. Continue reading “Celebrate Healthy Women with SoySentials”

Soy Much Better: SoySentials

The 10 grams of soy found in each scoop of SoySentials® gives you more than just a healthy serving of plant-based protein. Research shows the phytoestrogens found in soy can perform the same functions of estrogen, without the negative side effects. Phytoestrogens can help alleviate menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and brain fog, while working synergistically with calcium for healthy bones. Continue reading “Soy Much Better: SoySentials”

The Soy Solution for Better Womens Health

SubscribeButton-webSoySentialsHelp for Hot Flashes

For years, studies have demonstrated the connection between soy and the easing of menopause symptoms, particularly hot flashes. But a recent analysis of 19 studies provides an even clearer picture of just what soy isoflavones can do. Continue reading “The Soy Solution for Better Womens Health”

My Story: Priscilla Smith

No More Naps!

Daily naps were the only way Priscilla Smith of Alpharetta, Georgia, could deal with constantly feeling tired. “I just felt so zapped all the time, especially in the afternoons,” says Priscilla, who also found herself retreating to her bed once a month with symptoms of severe PMS, which included migraines, constipation, nausea, backaches and cramps. Continue reading “My Story: Priscilla Smith”

My Story: Rich and Tina Nolin

Reliv Earns ‘Top Honors’ With High Schooler

Rich Nolin and his wife, Tina, of Hudson, Massachusetts, were thrilled with their Reliv results. Rich experienced relief for acid reflux and Tina had positive results with SoySentials® dietary supplement for women. But the story they enjoy telling most has a different main character: their son, Zackery. Continue reading “My Story: Rich and Tina Nolin”

5 Steps to Better Women’s Health

SubscribeButton-webwomenshealth1-webMany women are notorious multi-taskers who function best with a list in hand. Yet often you’re left off your own “to-do” list while you care for everyone else. You’ve heard it before: To be able to better care for others, you must take care of yourself. And if mama’s happy, everyone’s happy! Continue reading “5 Steps to Better Women’s Health”

Better Mom on Reliv

Dillard20061004 Being a mother was something that Heather Dillard, a seasoned labor and delivery nurse from Springfield, Missouri, wanted for as long as she could remember.

After ten years of infertility, Heather now stays at home with her six-month-old baby boy Declan, and she’s happy to share the amazing way Reliv made her dreams of motherhood come true.

“Not being able to get pregnant for so long was a nightmare, especially since I worked around new mothers and babies,” she recalls.

Heather suffered from mensturation cycle problems. Intrigued by the health results she experienced from taking Reliv products, she increased the daily amount of Relìv shakes. After six weeks, she had her first natural cycle in ten years.

She and her husband, Jason, were delighted to discover she was pregnant almost right away, but their son entered the world three months premature and weighed just under two pounds. Despite discouraging odds for survival, tiny Declan grew stronger. Heather credits the Reliv-enriched breast milk that nourished her son. Declan is home now and weighs a whopping 14 pounds.

“He’s beautiful,” she says. “Just beautiful.”