Practical, Proven Ways to Lose Weight

In today’s marketplace, hundreds of weight loss gimmicks and deprivation diets clamor for your attention promising lightning-fast weight loss. Unfortunately, most of these are unhealthy — even dangerous — options that may cause you to lose a few pounds quickly, but result in even faster boomerang weight gain once you go back to normal living. Continue reading “Practical, Proven Ways to Lose Weight”

The Weight Is Over!

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling to lose weight. Again. You may be one of them. You’ve probably tried all kinds of diets, from low-carb to weighing and measuring to a meager existence on the dreaded cabbage soup. You may have even lost weight on these diets — only to regain it and then some. It’s a frustrating exercise of losing, gaining — and giving up. Sticking to a rigid diet while trying to live a normal life is just too hard.

Reliv is tackling this weighty issue with the introduction of Slimplicity®, a revolutionary weight loss system that combines cutting-edge ingredients with smart lifestyle modifications. It’s a simple, healthy plan to safely lose weight and keep it off for good. Continue reading “The Weight Is Over!”

Picture the Joy of a Slimmer You

As Reliv Distributors begin to see the pounds and inches melt away with the help of the Slimplicity® Weight Loss System, they’re discovering that successful weight loss goes way beyond “the numbers.” It’s how you feel — physically, mentally and emotionally — that turns short-term weight loss into lifelong weight management.

The following Ambassadors started their Slimplicity journey in early January. And all agree that life is better than ever because of it! Continue reading “Picture the Joy of a Slimmer You”