Reliv Week of Caring 2016: Making a Difference



By Reliv Vice President of Operations Debra Hellweg

Since 2009, Reliv employees have been participating in an event known as the Reliv Week of Caring. This is an annual event where groups of employees visit local organizations to volunteer for the day. Over the years we have contributed more than 1600 hours of service to more than 20 local organizations! Continue reading “Reliv Week of Caring 2016: Making a Difference”

Reliv Week of Caring 2015: Another Huge Success

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By Reliv Vice President of Operations, Debra Hellweg

Another successful year of the Reliv Week of Caring has now come to a conclusion! For the past 7 years, during one designated week each year, we send groups of employees to charities throughout the St. Louis area to volunteer for the day. This year during the week of April 13th we visited the Youth in Need Organization, Open Door Animal Sanctuary, Habitat for Humanity and the ALS Association. Approximately 25% of our workforce in the US participated – we have a tremendous participation rate year after year! We not only volunteer our time, but also often times employees bring donations or help in other ways. Some highlights from this year’s events include:

  • In addition to helping care for the hundreds of animals at the Open Door Animal Sanctuary, we also raised approximately $250 (all from employee donations) for this wonderful no-kill animal rescue organization. Additionally, one of our employees adopted one of the homeless dogs! It was a truly successful day indeed.
  • Employees volunteering to help the ALS Foundation had the privilege to work directly with a family affected by ALS at their home. In speaking with several of these employees, they all agreed this was truly a rewarding experience for all.
  • Youth in Need is a wonderful organization that helps at-risk teens and children. Our employees were able to help the organization with much-needed work in one of their gardens that the kids play in. The head of the volunteer efforts for that organization personally reached out to us afterwards and could not have been more grateful for all the help our employees gave them.
  • Habitat for Humanity is an organization we choose to support each year because we can contribute directly to the future home of someone in need.

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2014 Reliv Week of Caring

By Debra Hellweg, Reliv Vice President of Operations

Last week, Reliv employees visited four different charities and volunteered for the day — and in some cases brought money or donations with them. In this, our sixth annual Week of Caring, we visited Five Acres Animal Shelter, St. Louis Area Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity (Restore location) and Covenant House. 25% of our employees participated — an incredible participation rate! In fact, we had to turn people away as we quickly filled up each location. If we get enough alternates next year, our plan is to add a fifth charity!

One day of service can really make a difference for these wonderful organizations. The group of Reliv employees that went to St. Louis Area Foodbank processed donations that filled 10,188 meals for the needy — wow! At Five Acres Animal Shelter, Ellen Redman from the DSC was able to arrange a significant donation (an entire truckload!) of dog and cat food. Imagine how many homeless animals that will feed! These examples show that each of us can make a difference. Whether by donating food, money or time, we are helping our local community.

Since we started the Week of Caring, Reliv employees have visited 17 different charities in the St. Louis area (some of which we have visited multiple times), and volunteered more than 1,200 hours. In addition to helping the charities, it’s a great opportunity for people from different departments to work together toward a common cause. The charities benefit, and we benefit — a win-win for everyone.

Cheers to another successful Week of Caring!


Make a Difference Day


Reliv employee Teresa Powers shares her perspective on making a difference.

One of my favorite quotations is one you’re probably familiar with by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” His words have always helped fuel my passion to help others through volunteer work with local organizations and contributing to worthy charities. Continue reading “Make a Difference Day”