My Story: Vince and Terri Cedrone

Stumbling Blocks Become Stepping Stones
Vince and Terri Cedrone, Key Directors from Montgomery, Alabama, are building a future with Reliv because they just won’t accept anything short of success. “About 15 months ago, a friend introduced us to Reliv,” Vince says. “We became Master Affiliates because we saw the results neighbors were getting with the products.” Continue reading “My Story: Vince and Terri Cedrone”

Tracking Progress Keeps Us on Track for Success

This blog entry was written by Key Directors Crismon and Vivienne Lewis from Gresham, OR.

Like everyone we have limited time and I’m personally up against a deadline that I need to make this business work as I was laid off from job 18 months ago at age 60. The Reliv business is my retirement plan. Continue reading “Tracking Progress Keeps Us on Track for Success”