Reliv: Nutrition You Can Trust


Through a rigorous testing process that begins the moment that our ingredients come in the door, we can guarantee that Reliv products are of the absolute highest quality. We invest time and resources microtesting every chemical element in our products and performing analytical tests to ensure that the nutritional content is optimal.

That’s what makes us all so proud to work for Reliv — what’s printed on the label is exactly what is in the can. The United States FDA has inspected our manufacturing facilities and found no deficiencies. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia has audited our facilities and given us their top rating. Reliv has always met and exceeded the highest standards.

We’re proud of our products, and stand committed to providing the best nutrition possible to our Distributors. We believe in what we do. That’s why the employees here rely on Reliv nutrition for our good health too. – Scott, QA Manager

At Reliv we make an uncompromising commitment to product safety, purity and potency with every formula we make. When you open a can of Reliv product, you can rest assured that it contains exactly what’s printed on the label and that it will deliver the most advanced nutrition available today. – Greg, Director of Manufacturing Operations

Reliv Earns Highest Score Ever From TGA Audit

 Quality is a constant theme at Reliv. As one of our Core Values, we talk about quality every day, so it’s especially exciting each time a third party recognizes our commitment as well.

That’s exactly what happened when the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) conducted its most recent audit of our manufacturing facility. TGA awarded Reliv its top rating and validated our quality story. Reliv must pass the TGA audit in order to sell Reliv Classic, Reliv Now, Reliv Now for Kids, ReversAge and FibRestore in Australia, where they are classified as closer to a medical product than a nutritional supplement.

As a result, our plant must pass much stricter manufacturing standards than are required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Good Manufacturing Principles for Australia are more stringent than those in the U.S.

The staff at Reliv headquarters continues to meet the highest standards of safety and quality, and you can be assured your family’s safety and health is our priority!