My Story: Larry and Jolynn Morris

7 Kids, 5 Jobs, Zero Time

Before Reliv, Larry and Jolynn Morris of Spring, Texas, held down five jobs between them to make ends meet for their family of nine. Larry had two side businesses in addition to his full-time job as a food broker: lawncare and vending machines. Jolynn taught piano and offered childcare. Continue reading “My Story: Larry and Jolynn Morris”

My Story: Luz Trujillo

You Grow When They Grow

For Senior Director Luz Trujillo of Omaha, Nebraska, success is hinged on making sure others are happy. “In order for me to have a steady check from my Reliv business, I need to know my people are happy and productive,” she says. “They need to feel supported by their upline.” Continue reading “My Story: Luz Trujillo”

Healthy Stories for a Healthy Business

Jason Reliv Distributors are great storytellers. And to appeal to all people from all generations, a good mix of different types of stories is essential.

We asked Director Jason Arntz of Grand Rapids, MI, to share why it is important to share healthy, active Reliv stories when introducing Reliv to new people. Here’s what he shared. Continue reading “Healthy Stories for a Healthy Business”