Healthy Fathers, Healthy Sons

Senior Affiliate Will Sandoval of Budd Lake, NJ, has been using Reliv products for his active lifestyle for over four years. As a Tae Kwon Do instructor, Will has to keep in top physical shape — and Reliv nutrition helps him do just that.

“I’m an athlete, so I have to get the right nutrition in order to keep my strength and my performance level up,” Will explains. “Before Reliv, I was always sore after an intense workout, but now I hardly ever feel sore or stiff. As time goes on, I just continue to get great results.”

Will also credits optimal nutrition with helping him rebuild his range of motion after breaking his leg. “Reliv kept me energized and healthy, and in just six months, I was able to build up my strength enough to start teaching Tae Kwon Do again,” Will says.

Recently, Will started a running routine for the first time. His goal is to be able to complete a path his father used to run. “My goal is to work up to the full distance in a year. I’m up to two miles a day now! I couldn’t have done it without Reliv.”

Just as Will’s father showed him the value of good health, Will shares it with his own son today. “I’m glad I can give him Reliv Now® for Kids. Reliv has always been there for me, and it will always be there for him too.”