Reliv Is My Energy Solution: Maria Helmold

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Maria Helmold is a Senior at Bellarmine University in Chicago, Illinois and has been taking Reliv for years.

Reliv Regmen: Reliv Now, Innergize!, 24K®, LunaRich X

Healthy Start: I’ve been taking Reliv products all my life because it’s important to my family. I didn’t miss a single day of high school, and now that I’m in college, I’m on the dean’s list and making excellent grades.

Night Shift: I work night shifts as a nurse’s aid and pull all-nighters studying. Reliv gives me the energy I need to go from studying to class to exams to clinicals. It keeps my mind focused and alert. Even though I work in hospitals three times per week, I still don’t get sick.

Sharing & Caring: My friends can’t imagine how I’m so peppy after pulling a 12-hour night shift and then going to class. I share my Reliv products with a friend, and when we study all night together, 24K is always close by. When I graduate, I’ll be working night shifts full-time, and Reliv 
will remain my energy solution.

My Story: Hailey Davis


Hailey Davis of Fullerton, CA is a full-time student and employee at Disneyland who doesn’t have time for pain. Read on to find out how Reliv helps her thrive!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X®, Innergize!®

Too Young to Feel Old: I had developed carpel tunnel from work. My boyfriend just threw me a bottle of LunaRich X and said “take this.” Now I feel great. I am also not as sluggish as I used to be. I’m only 20 — I shouldn’t feel the way I used to.

Sense of Community: I love how close-knit everyone is at Reliv. I had the opportunity to meet Bob and Ryan Montgomery, Dr. Carl and Steve Hastings and Dr. Galvez. I love how personable everyone is and how the company is structured.

Spreading the Word: When talking about Reliv, I just tell people the truth: it makes me feel great, I have energy and I don’t get sick!