Letter from Steve Hastings: Build Fast, Build Now

 How very cool to already have Master Plan Bonuses going out the door three days after announcing the bonus! Get your head around this one and understand what you have to help your organizational growth hit another level of speed. An immediate cash bonus and an immediate downline go a long way toward building that wall of belief in your new MAs.

peaking of another level, how about Reliv Now® with LunaRich? This stuff has the whole Reliv nation in a frenzy. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s an example of what is happening out there: Continue reading “Letter from Steve Hastings: Build Fast, Build Now”

The Inside Scoop – March 26

 In the latest Inside Scoop, Senior Vice President of North American Sales Steve Hastings shares the excitement surrounding Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich soy powder, explains how you can capitalize on the return of the Master Plan Bonus and offers ideas on how to make the most of an extra business day in March. View video.

I am the Reliv Revolution: A Letter From Steve Hastings

steveWhen Reliv was morphing from a simple idea into an exciting reality 23 years ago, I was a young college grad already in the workforce and eager to seize my opportunity to make a mark on the world. I can still vividly remember that exciting feeling of optimism. I will perform at the highest level. I will be recognized and rewarded. I will love my job!

Reality pulls no punches. While my early career certainly had positives, corporate America wasn’t the utopia I naively imagined. “Is this the way it’s going to be for my entire working life?” I thought. Many of you can empathize with this experience.

In 1992, my personal Reliv Revolution began when, as a still twenty-something opportunity seeker, I joined the company. It has been a tremendous journey. Last month, I had an experience that reminded me that the Reliv Revolution remains as powerful as it was back then. And surprisingly enough, it occurred at a special event in Van Wert, OH, population 10,846 and miles from any big city. In a hotel conference room sat nearly 50 eager youth ready to hear about the Reliv opportunity. My friend, Bronze Ambassador Christian House, was a senior statesman at 29 years of age! These future leaders are building something today that will continue to positively affect their lives years from now. Many will go on to pursue careers in a variety of areas, as they should. But many will also come to realize they want more freedom, time with family, additional income or control of their own lives. Thanks to Reliv, they now have that opportunity.

I loved it when young, energetic Master Affiliate Laureen Pohanka stood and shared with the group her goal to “say goodbye to Ronald McDonald and make a difference in my life and others’ through Reliv.” She’s making it happen already with a bonus and an iPad right out of the gate!

If 50 young adults just beginning their careers can get excited about their future with Reliv, just think of the millions of all ages who could use such hope.

One final note: I am so appreciative for my opportunity with Reliv and the joy I have building a great company in such a positive atmosphere with all of you.

We are the Reliv Revolution!

Steve Hastings
Senior Vice President, North American Sales

Reliv momentum is real! Have you seized your share?

steve I thought it would be fun to let you all in on some interesting numbers I shared on an Ambassador call recently:
• Four new Ambassador couples in the last two months
• 56 iPad 2s (and Dr. Ted plaques) earned in March — almost two and a half times more than last March
• 50% increase in sponsoring from February to March
• International Conference registration double that of this time last year
• 24K™ is rocking the country!
My father, Dr. Carl, recently returned from a special event in Northern California fired up about the excitement he saw in an overfilled room. Presidential Double Platinum Ambassador Jim Schaben shared on this call what he was seeing everywhere he went on his recent event tour — ACTION! Distributors conducting appointments, opening doors and sponsoring excited people who want to make a difference in their lives with Reliv.

As I’ve said before, momentum is a funny thing. It can be hard to get going, but once it begins, the ride is tremendously rewarding. I encourage you to read again what Don Gibbons and some very active leaders share in this newsletter about the upcoming MATS. You have an opportunity — a choice — to seize your share of the momentum RIGHT NOW! Your new Distributors will watch your level of effort and, like is happening in California, should those efforts include massive action, you better buckle in because your business is about to take off!
Enjoy the ride.
Steve Hastings
Senior Vice President, North American Sales

A Message From Steve Hastings

Check out these comments from Distributors…

Just wanted to let you know what 24K™ has meant for my mom. She is getting great results with more focus/mental clarity/energy and her anxiety has been lessened! She has been doing projects over the last five days — she has not felt this motivated in years — all of this on two shots of 24K a day! Thank you! Continue reading “A Message From Steve Hastings”