My Nutritional Edge: Reliv Athletics

MyNutritionEdgeMichaelThomas-webBy Michael Thomas, Captain of Oklahoma City Energy FC

I started taking Reliv during my senior year of high school to help my performance as a soccer player. I had been plagued with severe cramps due to dehydration from sweating during games and rarely finished a full 90 minutes. My dream was to become a professional soccer player, so I knew I had to take steps to be counted on to play the entire game.

Two Shakes a Day
I started taking two shakes a day of Reliv Classic®, Innergize!® and FibRestore®. Before games and at halftime, I’d take a “sports shake” of Innergize! and ProVantage®. The results convinced me that Reliv will always fuel my performance. I no longer cramp, I’m in better shape and I recover faster between games. Reliv has helped me quickly bounce back from injury, increased my muscle mass and improved my endurance.

Setback and Recovery
I moved on to the University of Notre Dame to play soccer after high school. I suffered a broken jaw, but was able to return to the team quickly and maintain my weight during recovery thanks to Slimplicity®, ProVantage and Arthaffect®. I impressed both the doctor and my coach with how fast my jaw healed and with my fitness level despite the time off.

Striker on Fire
I’m 26 and have been dedicated to these products for nine years. I still use the products every day and am well respected by teammates for my endurance and work rate. There is no doubt Reliv has allowed me to excel as one of the fittest players on every team for which I have played. Reliv is my nutritional edge.

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10 Ways to Prevent & Care for Sports Injuries






As we gear up for summer sports, outdoor activities and tank top weather, let’s keep these points in mind to keep our bodies injury free. Arm slings and knee braces don’t go well with shorts.

1. Get in shape before you play the sport. Work up to it.
Instead of shocking your body in an out-of-the-blue, strenuous physical activity, prepare your body by following a conditioning program designed for that kind of exercise. Ease into it and don’t do too much too soon. Gradually increase the intensity and amount of time you exercise. Be patient with yourself. Continue reading “10 Ways to Prevent & Care for Sports Injuries”