Give Thanks to Your Heart with a Healthy Resolve




We often take for granted just how much our hearts do for us. Pumping blood to our entire body and getting rid of its waste, our hearts have earned the right to be treated like royalty. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America. Regardless of genetics, family history or previous lifestyle habits, the fact is that heart disease is in no way inevitable. In recognition of American Heart Month, celebrate all that your heart does for you by implementing these healthy tips into your daily routine. Continue reading “Give Thanks to Your Heart with a Healthy Resolve”

Shake the Salt Habit

SubscribeButton-webshake the saltSalt and pepper shakers are a standard adornment of every restaurant table and many kitchen tables. Some shaker sets are even cute, disguised as bunnies, pilgrims or penguins. But it’s time to give one piece of the set a boot — the salt. Continue reading “Shake the Salt Habit”