The Buzzz on Healthy Sleep

It’s 10 pm and too late to make a phone call, but how about just a few more emails? Stop. Make a quick to-do list for tomorrow, power down your computer and go to bed. You’ll get more done tomorrow, better and faster, if you get the proper amount of rest tonight. You already know that you can eat your way to healthier sleep with optimal Reliv nutrition. But here’s the science behind why sleep is as important to your health as diet and exercise. Continue reading “The Buzzz on Healthy Sleep”

Sweet Dreams: 5 Tips to Sleep Like A Baby


sleep Sleep: Everyone needs it, but do you get enough? If you find yourself tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, or exhausted during the day, you may not be getting enough restful sleep. Continue reading “Sweet Dreams: 5 Tips to Sleep Like A Baby”

Eat Your Way to Healthier Sleep

SubscribeButton-websleepLong work weeks are interfering with sleep for millions of Americans, according to a new study released by the National Sleep Foundation on March 3, 2008. The survey of 1,000 people showed that most of us average just six hours and 40 minutes of sleep a night, far below the seven and a half to eight hours recommended by medical experts. Continue reading “Eat Your Way to Healthier Sleep”

Don’t Let Stress Pack on the Pounds

When you’re under stress — whether from job worries, financial pressure or family issues — it’s easy to bury yourself in a pint of ice cream or bag of chips. But on top of the extra calories you’re wolfing down, other changes are taking place in your body that encourage your body to pack on pounds under stress. Continue reading “Don’t Let Stress Pack on the Pounds”

Excitement That Sells!

clip_image001 For María García of Livingston, California, there was a time when her health issues were so many and so time-consuming that she had little time or energy for anything else. “There were too many to list,” she says. Insomnia, panic attacks and a host of other ailments contributed to her being in a constant state of depression.
María says that within days of starting Reliv, she experienced an incredible improvement. “A restful sleep was one of the first things that I rediscovered,” she says. “and since then, things have only gotten better.”

Now María’s enthusiasm and sparkle are back. “When I was feeling so low and ill, I didn’t have an interest in anything,” Maria says. “I didn’t even care how I looked, but with Reliv I’ve improved my health and my lifestyle. I know I need these products to feel healthy and happy, and I want to spread the word.”

Telling others about the benefits of Reliv hasn’t been difficult. “It’s enough for them to take a look at me. They’ll comment on the visible changes in my body (I’ve lost some weight), my personality and my outlook,” she says. “They tell me that just from my sheer excitement about Reliv, they want to try them so they can feel the benefits that I know of and can talk about firsthand!”