5 Tips for Stylish and Safe Summer Skin Care





9,199: the number of people in the United States who lost their battle with skin cancer in 2009. The Center for Disease Control reported in the same year more than 60,000 Americans received a skin cancer diagnosis. Continue reading “5 Tips for Stylish and Safe Summer Skin Care”

Can Good Nutrition Fight Acne?

SubscribeButton-webacneWhile Disney stars seem immune, millions of frustrated teenagers — and some adults — try to battle acne with special cleansers, toners and creams. Some products make a dent in the facial pimples while others just leave a dent in the wallet. Meanwhile, acne can leave scarring and clobbers self-esteem. Could nutrition make a difference? Continue reading “Can Good Nutrition Fight Acne?”

SYS: Save Your Skin

SubscribeButton-websysAs teenagers, many of us scoffed at the idea of wearing sunscreen and reached for zero-protection, greasy baby oil instead. We sizzled and fried in the pursuit of the perfect tan. Our skin paid the price and today the sun damage is reflected in brown age spots, more pronounced wrinkling, leathery skin, or worse — skin cancer. Continue reading “SYS: Save Your Skin”

“The fastest growing demographic in beauty – men!”

MEN skincare According to Inside Cosmeceuticals, official media of Supply Side; “Beauty giants such as L’Oreal, P&G and Shiseido have launched topical skin care and hair lines targeting the fastest growing demographic in beauty – men!”

With the Men’s r Trio, Relìv is set, armed and ready to compete with this market! Men’s skin tends to be oiler (due to testosterone), thicker and more sensitive than women’s because of the daily shaving regime as you have heard me mention before.

Our Men’s Shave Lotion + RA7 can help combat that stress and sensitivity – it moisturizes and protects your skin during the shaving process by allowing the razor to glide across your face minimizing nicks, cuts and abrasions. Just a thin layer is all you need; ladies it is great for you too! Following your shave with the Men’s Moisturizer + RA7 and SPF 30 is perfect to restore and protect your skin using vital skin nutrients; perfectly fine to use morning and night. trio

The nutrients found in the RA7 complex are the same ones found in the Women’s r Collection as well and this unique combination can’t be found in any other single complex on the market! With the power of Pycnogenol®(Maritime Pine Bark from France) not only are you giving your skin powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-aging benefits but you are also heightening the skin benefits of the other 6 key nutritive ingredients.

What does this mean to you? Better, faster and more dramatic results and healthier more vivacious skin! The more consistent you are with these products and with continued usage the better your skin will look and feel, and the healthier it will become.

Aging Gracefully




aging gracefully

Quick Facts on Anti-Aging Nutrients

● Omega-3 intake can affect your hearing — in a good way. A new study from the University of Sydney shows increased intakes of omega 3 may significantly reduce the risk of age-related hearing loss. Continue reading “Aging Gracefully”

Splendid Skin for Any Season!

applying-hand-cream This blog entry was submitted by Reliv’s Skincare Expert, Kari Montgomery.

Seasonal changes can do a number on your skin, with the official start of the fall season and winter following closely behind, here are a few skin tips to start the season:

● Moisturize every day! As we begin to heat our homes and with the decreased humidity in the air, it can quickly cause you skin to become very dry. r body is perfect for men and women, apply just out of the shower or bath after you have lightly dried off to keep your skin hydrated. Use it morning and night. Your hands can often times start to show seasonal effects first.  r body is the perfect moisturizer to keep your hands hydrated and avoid cracking. With the benefits of r body all year long, this is a perfect skincare product for autoship!

● Don’t forget your sunscreen! Being indoors more, you may not be at a high risk for sunburn, but UVA rays still have a powerful effect on your skin. The Women’s r Collection day moisturizer + RA7 and SPF 15 and our men’s moisturizer + RA7 and SPF 15 are perfect products to use daily. Both products provide you with broad spectrum UV protection and the perfect balance of moisturizers for hydrated, nourished and protected skin all year around.

● Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water and Innergize. Hydrated skin = younger looking skin. Loss of hydration shows in your skin through tightness, dryness and flakiness. Also, dry skin is more prone to wrinkles!

The changing of seasons gives you yet another reason to share the benefits of the r collection for skincare. Enjoy the autumn!