Celebrate Healthy Women with SoySentials




Many women spend their time caring for others while balancing education and career demands. With increasingly busy schedules, the concerns women have about their own health can fall by the wayside. May, Women’s Health Care month, is a great time for women to take stock of health goals, risk factors, family history and nutritional intake. This month, take time to evaluate all the ways you can experience the best that life has to offer by taking excellent care of your health. Continue reading “Celebrate Healthy Women with SoySentials”

Healthy Skin

SubscribeButton-webhealthy skinNow that the sunny days of summer are fading into fall, you may be tempted to put the sunscreen away until next year. Don’t! Sun damage, and the photo-aging that it causes, occurs year-round. That’s why it’s important to wear a good, broad spectrum sunscreen even in fall and winter. Continue reading “Healthy Skin”