Science & Health Today: Have Reliv Will Travel


By Reliv Product Marketing Specialist Tina Van Horn

Many of you are getting excited about your summer travel plans, but here at Reliv we want to make sure you have a plan for staying healthy while you travel. We’ve all been there. You plan a relaxing vacation, but when you return home your souvenirs include digestive issues, icky infections or viruses or even some extra pounds. The good news is that with a little bit of preparation you can avoid these common health hazards typically associated with travel. Continue reading “Science & Health Today: Have Reliv Will Travel”

Science & Health Today: Why Men Don’t Live As Long As Women


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By Reliv Product Marketing Specialist Tina Van Horn

John Wayne and James Bond never worried about their health. They faced impossible odds, but always seemed to be able to get back up and finish off the bad guys. Reality is quite different. Continue reading “Science & Health Today: Why Men Don’t Live As Long As Women”

Science & Health Today: Why Weight Loss Plans Should Include Micronutrients



By Tina Van Horn, Reliv Product Marketing Specialist

Most weight loss plans focus on reducing caloric intake of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) and increasing caloric expenditure through exercise, leading to an energy deficit that promotes weight loss. But one of the often overlooked components of a successful weight loss plan is ensuring you get all of the necessary micronutrients too. This includes vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals. Micronutrients play crucial roles in our nutrition, including the prevention and treatment of various diseases and conditions as well as the optimization of physical and mental functioning. Continue reading “Science & Health Today: Why Weight Loss Plans Should Include Micronutrients”

Managing Men’s Health

The basics of good health are well known: eat a healthy diet, be physically active, don’t smoke, etc. Still, regular health checkups and screenings for men can fall low on the priority list. It’s certainly not enjoyable to think about potential health problems, but in many cases early detection is critical to the success of treatment for maladies common to men (prostate cancer, skin cancer, diabetes and heart problems).

“Many men view their bodies like a car,” says Mark Mengel, former chair of the department of community and family medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine. “They don’t think they need to do anything unless something goes wrong,” he says. “Men see any defect as a sign of weakness. They don’t want to acknowledge there’s anything physically wrong with them because it embarrasses them.”

Man Up
The life expectancy for men is significantly shorter (nearly 5 years) than for women. Why? There are many contributing factors, but one possibility is that many women begin a routine of yearly checkups and screenings in their late teens. There is not a similar process for men, who often miss out on developing a regular checkup routine in their youth.

When it comes to health, there is nothing manly about ignoring it. Waiting until there are noticeable problems is not a proactive way to manage your health. You owe it to yourself and those who love you to take good care of yourself. Here are some ways to take charge and maintain a health routine:

Cholesterol Checks
Have your cholesterol checked at least every five years starting at age 35. If you smoke, have diabetes or if heart disease runs in your family, start checking your cholesterol at age 20. Reliv can help. The lunasin in Reliv’s LunaRich products combats cholesterol in two ways:

  • Selectively disrupts a step in the production of an enzyme key to cholesterol synthesis in the liver.
  • Increases the number of receptors available in liver cells to clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Learn more about how lunasin can help you manage cholesterol.

Blood Pressure
Have your blood pressure checked at least every two years by a healthcare professional.

Colorectal Cancer Tests
The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that regular screenings for colorectal cancer begin at age 50. Consult your physician to determine what test to take and frequency of testing.

Diabetes Tests
If you’ve got high blood pressure or cholesterol, a diabetes test is something you should talk about with your physician. It’s also a good idea to consider this test if you have a family history of diabetes.

Prostate Cancer Screenings
If you’re considering having a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test or digital rectal examination (DRE), have a chat with your physician about the possible benefits and harms of a prostate cancer screening. As with many conditions, early detection is the best indicator of a positive outcome.

A Special Note for the Support Crew
If you’re reading this because you’re concerned about the health of a man in your life, here are some pointers for inspiring good decisions on his part:

  • Don’t nag. Gently suggest annual checkups, and remind him that you care about his health.
  • Take action. Make an appointment for him and leave it on a sticky note. This way you’re not compelled to remind him constantly and if he chooses not to go he’ll have to be the one to cancel the appointment.
  • Inspire responsibility. Offering to go with him can seem too much like mothering. Encourage him to take charge of his own health and remind him of all the ways his family depends on him.
  • Be encouraging. Don’t start by telling him how unhealthy or out of shape he is; he likely already knows his health condition. Instead, let him know how glad you are that he’s taking steps to ensure that he’ll be around for a long time.


Reliv Solutions: Being Proactive is the Key
The statistics on life expectancy for men are compelling: we live an average of 5 years less than women. Here’s the good news: recent scientific breakthroughs in the field of epigenetics have given both men and women hope that they can improve health outcomes through optimal genetic expression.

Lunasin is the first dietary ingredient identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. LunaRich X™ and LunaRich® soy powder (found in Reliv Now®, Reliv Now® for Kids, SoySentials®, ProVantage®, GlucAffect® and Slimplicity®) maximize lunasin levels, providing a nutritional approach for you to take control of your good health. When you add LunaRich products to your health regimen, you’re helping your body switch on the healthy genes and switch off the unhealthy ones.

Lunasin has been clinically shown to promote cholesterol management, inflammation reduction, immunity and overall cellular health. Combined with a knowledge of family health history and regular routine of early screenings for potential problems, you’ve got a proactive approach to good health.

Take control and make LunaRich part of your daily healthy living strategy.


Celebrate Healthy Women with SoySentials




Many women spend their time caring for others while balancing education and career demands. With increasingly busy schedules, the concerns women have about their own health can fall by the wayside. May, Women’s Health Care month, is a great time for women to take stock of health goals, risk factors, family history and nutritional intake. This month, take time to evaluate all the ways you can experience the best that life has to offer by taking excellent care of your health. Continue reading “Celebrate Healthy Women with SoySentials”