Take the Reliv 25 Challenge

Four months to go in 2013 and we’re not done celebrating Reliv’s 25th Anniversary – not even close! We have LunaRich®, we have the Ignition Promotion and we have big momentum from this summer’s International Conference. View this video from conference for a little motivation and take action TODAY in reaching your Reliv 25 goals.

What will YOU do this year to move your Reliv business forward into the next 25 years?

Reliv Acquires Exclusive Rights to Superfood Lunasin

Deal positions Reliv as industry leader in emerging field of nutritional epigenetics

Did you hear the news? Reliv now holds the exclusive rights to lunasin! The announcement came on opening night of the Reliv 25 Conference in Orlando and was met with the loudest cheers of the weekend.

The basics: Reliv International has entered into an exclusive license for the intellectual property of Soy Labs LLC related to the nutritional ingredient lunasin. The license covers an issued patent and several patent applications related to lunasin and soy-related peptides, proprietary information and manufacturing processes. Further, the arrangement allows certain Soy Labs employees to join the Reliv corporate staff.

So what does this mean? Continue reading “Reliv Acquires Exclusive Rights to Superfood Lunasin”

Reliv 25 Promotion Is Here!


Reliv turns 25 in 2013 — and now you have a whole new way to celebrate! Build volume and sponsor new Distributors in May-June to earn your share of $50,000+ in bonuses and exclusive Reliv 25 prizes! Download the promotional flyer. Continue reading “Reliv 25 Promotion Is Here!”

25 Years of Reliv

“At Reliv, it’s not about whatever works, but what will stand the test of time. The result is a company that’s built to last and now looking to the future. What really matters is that people like you are getting results. That’s why we’ll continue to develop cutting edge solutions to meet your needs. Above all, we are doing everything possible to accelerate your success.” – Ryan Montgomery, President