Get on Board: Ruby Princess Caribbean Cruise, April 2014


I certainly wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I loved the beaches and palm trees, but it was more about spending time with Reliv leaders. I met so many classy, entrepreneurial go-getters all in one place. Make the decision that you’ll be on the next trip, work hard for it and you’ll get there.
Lori Doerneman, Goddard, KS

I signed on as a Master Affiliate with about three hours to spare New Year’s Eve — the entry deadline for the cruise drawing. I just knew I was going to go. Reliv trips do not disappoint, and I plan to earn my next one!
Melissa A. Robbins, Concord, NH

Going Cruising: Reliv Get on Board Promotion Winners


Congratulations to the winners of our Get on Board promotion! Winners will cruise in style from April 3-7 aboard the Ruby Princess, a luxury ship full of endless amenities. Want to go on our next trip? How about a big cash bonus? Reliv is making it easier than ever to build business in 2014. Find out how.

25. Tied – Pam & Jeff Channell, MA
25. Tied – Phil & Betty Wolf, VA
24. Jon & Mary Light, IN
23. Darnly Motter, CO
22. Scott & Kelly Bodager, OH
21. Pam & Dean Thielen from, NE
20. Laura Lynn & Gary Martin, CANADA
19. Mindy Jones, GA
18. David & Betty Blazic, KS
17. Captain Steve & Dee Ann Lucks, ID
16. Norma & Peter Carlozzi, CA
15. Earl & Marcia Jantz, OK
14. Cayla Collins, NH
13. Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH
12. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX
11. Dr. Rod & Rosalind Porter, CO
10. Sally & Terry Cover, PA
9. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR
8. Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL
7. Dawn & David Vanamberg, MI
6. Eileen & James Tesch, MI

The Top 5 PGPV will receive cruise spending money
5. Lori & Russ Doerneman, KS – $600
4. Sherri Selman, GA – $700
3. Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE – $800
2. Maureen & Ken Soens, MI – $900
1. Kimberly & Richard Burns, MI – $1000

New November/December Master Affiliate drawing
Suzanne & John Burgess, SC
Melissa Robbins, NH
Karla Woods, KS

Top 10 November/December PGPV from Ignition Master Affiliates
10. Winnie Lei, CA
9. Rome Walter, CA
8. Bernice & Lynn Ropp, OK
7. John Grant, CA
6. Zola Farley, VA
5. Donna Martin, MA
4. Jaycene & Ed Soper, UT
3. David & Rulayne Jensen, UT
2. Tonya Burke, CA
1. Sue Streicher, CANADA