Splendid Skin for Any Season!

applying-hand-cream This blog entry was submitted by Reliv’s Skincare Expert, Kari Montgomery.

Seasonal changes can do a number on your skin, with the official start of the fall season and winter following closely behind, here are a few skin tips to start the season:

● Moisturize every day! As we begin to heat our homes and with the decreased humidity in the air, it can quickly cause you skin to become very dry. r body is perfect for men and women, apply just out of the shower or bath after you have lightly dried off to keep your skin hydrated. Use it morning and night. Your hands can often times start to show seasonal effects first.  r body is the perfect moisturizer to keep your hands hydrated and avoid cracking. With the benefits of r body all year long, this is a perfect skincare product for autoship!

● Don’t forget your sunscreen! Being indoors more, you may not be at a high risk for sunburn, but UVA rays still have a powerful effect on your skin. The Women’s r Collection day moisturizer + RA7 and SPF 15 and our men’s moisturizer + RA7 and SPF 15 are perfect products to use daily. Both products provide you with broad spectrum UV protection and the perfect balance of moisturizers for hydrated, nourished and protected skin all year around.

● Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water and Innergize. Hydrated skin = younger looking skin. Loss of hydration shows in your skin through tightness, dryness and flakiness. Also, dry skin is more prone to wrinkles!

The changing of seasons gives you yet another reason to share the benefits of the r collection for skincare. Enjoy the autumn!

Making Relivables a Package Deal

Key Director, Maureen Shepherd of Ashford, VA, runs a daycare and a Relìv business, so she knows how busy parents can be during the summer months. She came up with a creative way to make summertime a little bit easier.

She created “Sizzlin Summer Kids Packs” by combining 2 boxes of Relìvables Snack bars, 2 cans of Innergize, 2 cans of Kids Now and Relìvables Sunscreen. To add some pizzaz to the packs, “I wrapped them in cello wrap with ribbon or put them in a Relìv reusable tote with tissue paper,” she explains.

“I marketed the packages to the parents at my daycare and the families in my neighborhood. Then those customers shared the idea with their friends and family. It was great!” Maureen says.

The Tastiest Contest Ever

Reliv’s first-ever Relivables Recipe Contest was a huge hit! In case you missed it, here’s what happened. In June, we asked our Distributors and Facebook fans to send us their most creative recipes using one or more Relivables food ingredients. We knew we could count on their creativity for some interesting and tasty ideas!

Then, we narrowed the field to 5 finalists, held a blind taste test at Reliv headquarters, and voted. Here’s the results:

Rita Taylor’s Relivables Dessert Squares and Cindy Nutter-Landon’s Relivables Cheesecake tied for first place!


The other finalists included: Fanny Kinsinger’s Relivables Frosting, Marcia Speicher’s Relivables Muesli, and Roseanne Henrickson’s Relivables Banana Bars.

While all of the recipes were delicious, the clear winners were Rita and Cindy. Here’s a video of the taste test:

Kudos to everyone who submitted a recipe. You can view all of the recipes submitted by clicking here. Congratulations to the finalists, who proved that Relivables deserve a place in every kitchen. To recognize their efforts, each finalist received a Relivables t-shirt, Relivables Sweetener Shaker Jar and a handy Relivables Tote Bag. Everything was so delicious, we are considering making this a scrumptious weekly event — or maybe we just want an excuse to have another taste test! Yummy!