April Reliv Contest: Share Your 6-Word Story

6wordstory-web (1)Everybody has a story, and in April we challenged you to share yours … in just 6 words! How has Reliv changed your life? Improved your health? Grown your finances?

Still writing? Need inspiration? Check out the 6-word memoirs at SMITH magazine.

Here are the winning submissions!

  • Regaining my health, rebuilding my wealth. – Tony Pezzullo of Michigan
  • Addition of nutrition improves my condition. – Sandy Kizior of Illinois
  • At last I love my job! – Anne Gutierrez of France
  • Reliv gave me my life back. – Betty Buccine of Pennsylvania
  • We are Reliving instead of existing. – Mark Suffield of Kansas
  • Reliv transformed me to SUPER ME! – Cathy O’Loughlin of Illinois
  • Wellness, income, friends – can’t beat it! – Nancy  Couch Nowak of Michigan
  • My business, my health, my passions. – Cari Campion of Minnesota
  • Reliv is my health care plan! – Vicki Mosher of Ohio
  • Once we couldn’t; now we can! – Sara Stock of Missouri

My Story: Jen Zehner

New Business-Builder Gets a Running Start With GlucAffect
After just one month as a Reliv Distributor, Director Jen Zehner of Salem, Oregon, has discovered firsthand that the way to jump-start a new business is by sharing the opportunity with everyone. She’s leading with the business, using Reliv’s newest product, GlucAffect, as an entry point. Aware that her grandmother, Marilyn, had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, Jen invited Marilyn — along with her father and sister — to a Reliv Special Event.
“They all started on the products, and my grandmother became a Master Affiliate that same day,” Jen states. Continue reading “My Story: Jen Zehner”