My Story: Sheryl Whipple

Vacation Trip Launches a Business

Sheryl Whipple of Woodlands, Texas, knows BUSY. Yet the mother of eight children who home schooled for 20 years and worked part-time as a nurse, found time for Reliv and now reaps the benefits as a Senior Director. After Sheryl and her husband, Peter, attended the Reliv International Conference in July 2005, there was no stopping them. Continue reading “My Story: Sheryl Whipple”

My Story: Carol Schilleman

Overcoming Fear to Become a Business Builder

With the reassurance of a money-back guarantee, Carol Schilleman of Melbourne, Florida, decided to try Reliv. “Having had two knee surgeries to repair a torn meniscus, I was not able to go for walks. I missed this because I had once been a runner. Once I got healthy with Reliv, I was able to go three miles in a cancer charity walk!” says Carol. “I told everyone, and they were interested in trying Reliv too. So I went back to my friend who shared it with me, and she invited me into the business.” Continue reading “My Story: Carol Schilleman”

My Story: Jenifer Latawiec

Family of 13 Realizes Dreams With Reliv

“God doesn’t do anything by accident,” says Reliv Distributor Jenifer Latawiec of Wyoming, Minnesota.

Jenifer and her husband, Douglas, had never taken supplements before, but after seeing the results of a friend’s daughter, they decided give to Reliv products a try for prevention. They were pleased enough to start listening to the some of the conference calls, even though they had little time to spare. Continue reading “My Story: Jenifer Latawiec”