Reliv Wins 2012 Bronze Quill Awards

Reliv earned three Bronze Quill Awards for the Reliv Revolution Campaign, Lifestyle Magazine Redesign and Ricky’s Story in this year’s International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) St. Louis Bronze Quill Awards. Continue reading “Reliv Wins 2012 Bronze Quill Awards”

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Launch Your Own Revolution

by Chairman, President and CEO Robert L. Montgomery

revolution group When we started Reliv back in 1988, we may not have called what we were doing a “revolution,” but we knew we had created something special. Our products were superior to anything else on the market (and still are!), and we had developed one of the industry’s best business plans. From the very beginning there was no doubt: Reliv was going to change people’s lives. The Reliv Revolution had begun!

Now 23 years later, Reliv is a global company with more than 60,000 Distributors worldwide. And we’re just getting started. What the Reliv Revolution offers — the ability to enjoy optimal health through optimal nutrition, the opportunity to take control of your financial future and the chance to change lives for the better — resonates more today than it ever has.

Most people have yet to hear about Reliv, and everyone can benefit from our products and business opportunity. Who doesn’t want to break free from unhealthy lifestyles and unfulfilling work to live life on their own terms? As much as we’ve grown over the years, we’re going to grow even more in the years ahead.

Your Time Is Now
That’s why I’m so excited about another revolution taking place within Reliv right now. We have a new breakthrough product in 24K™, a new brand image, new business tools, new ways of communicating and a whole new attitude. The doors to experience Reliv have never been this wide open, and the numbers of new Reliv Distributors and customers are on the rise. People want to hear our message!

As a business builder, you are in the right position at the right time to take full advantage of this opportunity. I encourage you to make the most of it. The ideal place to start is at our Reliv Revolution! International Conference this August in St. Louis. Plan now to attend and to bring a big group with you — the more people you bring, the more you’ll reap the rewards. I look forward to seeing you there.

Take a moment in the coming days to write down what you really want to achieve in life. Think about how Reliv can help get you there, and write down what you need to do to make it happen. Then do it!

Your own Reliv Revolution starts today.

~as seen in ma header july

Join the Revolution!

Ryan M Not long ago, I ran into an acquaintance of mine. He’s one of those guys you only see a couple times a year. Immediately after saying hello, he saw the Reliv logo on my shirt and said, “I gotta get some Reliv! I used to take it all the time, but I didn’t realize how much better I felt until I stopped using it.”

After I helped him get back in touch with his Distributor, I started thinking. Here’s a fit, active, young guy telling me how
much better Reliv makes him feel. How many thousands of “healthy” people are out there right now just like him? People who think they’re in good health, but don’t yet know what it means to experience optimal health with the right nutrition.

This month’s Science & Health Today included in this newsletter examines how the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can help people go from feeling “fine” to feeling “great!” I encourage you to read it and to start thinking about all the people you know who could benefit from hearing that message. Did your list just double in size? Bottom line: Everyone can benefit from the Reliv nutrition revolution!

One other point about my story: Did you notice what sparked my friend’s comments about Reliv? That’s right, my wearing a Reliv shirt. Get out, get visible and get people talking about Reliv.

Join the Revolution!

Ryan Montgomery
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales

What is the Reliv Revolution?

sherri What is the Reliv Revolution?
A) Current initiative to refresh, revitalize and reinvigorate Reliv
B) Original vision to change lives — at the heart of Reliv since 1988
C) 2011 Reliv International Conference
D) All of the above

The current Revolution includes our brand new image, a new breakthrough product in 24K™, new business
tools and a whole new attitude. The result: sponsoring is way up, momentum is building and Distributors are reaping the rewards.

As a business builder, you’re also very familiar with choice B. Since the beginning, Reliv’s products and business opportunity have helped thousands of people break free from unhealthy lifestyles and unrewarding work to live life to the fullest. And the goals of that revolution will never change.

So how about choice C? Have you registered for conference? Are you rallying your organization around the year’s premier Reliv event? With excitement and momentum building, Reliv is primed for massive growth, and International Conference will accelerate that growth like nothing else. Don’t miss your chance to be at
the center of it all!

Correct Answer: D
You are in the right position at the right time to fully seize the Reliv opportunity. You are the Reliv Revolution!

~as seen in June MA

New Tools For Business Builders

Display Spread the Revolution!
Now on the Reliv Revolution page: product videos and new conference videos to view and share. Use the email tool built into the video player or copy the page link to send to your downline and prospects.

Amp Up Your Meetings
By popular demand, Reliv’s new promotion videos — the “This Is Your Shot!” 24K™ Camaro giveaway and the Presidential Passport to Hawaii — are now available for download (Distributor portal >> My Business >> Sales & Presentation Tools). Add the videos to your laptop to play at local meetings. On their way: New Reliv Revolution posters for area meetings have been sent to Foundation City leaders!

Display 24K
You asked and Reliv has delivered: 24K healthy energy shot counter displays are now available in the Company Store! Ideal for Reliv Opportunity Meetings, trade shows, appointment-only businesses and Team Reliv events. Order yours.

Watch Our New DVD… With Friends!
Bring the Reliv Opportunity Meeting experience into your own family room, including messages from Chairman, President and CEO Robert L. Montgomery and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings. Our new Opportunity Presentation DVD is ideal for at-home presentations and for sharing on-the-go with your laptop.

Special Message from Ryan Montgomery

Ryan M By now you’ve probably heard the theme to this year’s International Conference: Reliv Revolution! Pretty cool, huh? What I like most is that it captures the spirit and excitement of what’s happening in Reliv right now. Last year we launched a strategic initiative to refresh, revitalize and reinvigorate Reliv. We wanted Reliv to more readily appeal to people of all backgrounds and from all generations. And now you’re seeing how the combined efforts of the corporate office and Distributor leaders are getting the job done:

• 24K™: our first ready-to-drink product and a true breakthrough in a red-hot market
• Brand image: new standards, an updated logo, revamped materials (Have you seen the new Lifestyle ?)
• Team Reliv: a very public way to equate Reliv with active, healthy living
• New incentives: the immensely popular iPad 2 promotion and more to come
• New media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Business Builders Blog
• New attitude: at corporate, in the field — Reliv is ready to roll!

If you think about it, the “Reliv Revolution” is nothing new. Since the beginning, our products and our business opportunity have helped thousands of people break free from unhealthy lifestyles and unrewarding work to live life to the fullest. And the goals of that revolution will never change. In fact, the new revolution happening within Reliv is only making it easier to achieve those goals. Don’t miss your chance to lead the charge!

Ryan Montgomery
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales

~As seen in MA April