How To Step Off The Financial Treadmill


8.30 FinancialTreadmill

Do you ever feel like you’re running a never-ending race? You work hard for your paycheck only to watch it disappear to cover bills, groceries and other necessities. But you tell yourself to keep working hard and maybe next year your boss will give you the raise you deserve. Then you can “get ahead.” If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, millions of people around the world like you have already decided to make the switch to something better: network marketing. Continue reading “How To Step Off The Financial Treadmill”

Reliv December 2015 Recognition



What a finish in 2015! Reliv congratulates the winners of the Grand Escape promotion in November and December 2015. We will all meet in Cancun, Mexico, in April! The Top 30 Master Affiliates in volume expanded to 32. Two of the new Master Affiliates who earned the trip through a drawing were sponsored by Top 30 Volume winners. So – we added a 31st and a 32nd place!

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Reliv October 2015 Recognition



Join us in congratulating the following Reliv Distributors who achieved new levels and earned cash bonuses in the month of October!


David & Rhonda Martin from Pennsylvania


  1. Kimberly & Rich Burns from Michigan $5000 *
  2. Jonathan & Marjorie Gehman from Pennsylvania $4000 *
  3. Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire $3000 *
  4. Ura & Betty Gingerich from Missouri $2500
  5. Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas $2250
  6. Karin & Chris Ederer from Minnesota $2000
  7. David & Betty Blazic from Kansas $1750
  8. Noah Yoder from Michigan $1500
  9. Armida Soto from Georgia $1250
  10. Lena Auker from Pennsylvania $1000                                                *denotes Dr. Ted Plaque winners

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  1. Armida Soto from Georgia $1000
  2. Rose Hostetter from Pennsylvania $800
  3. Juan & Paula Rodriguez from Texas $700
  4. Abdel Salem from Florida $600
  5. Allen Stauffer from Ohio $500
  6. Susana Alonso & Raimundo Lopez from Ohio $450
  7. Allan Schooley from California $400
  8. Kathy Anderson from Missouri $350
  9. Betty & Cliff Holborn from Canada $300
  10. Esteban Alonso & Socorro Molina from Tennessee $250

Learn how to earn yours this month.
ROOKIE BONUS SPONSOR WINNERS: (each receives $100)

Esteban Alonso & Socorro Molina from Tennessee

Niurka Alvarez from Florida

Karla & Michael Ans from Canada

Adelaida Balleza from Texas

Beverly & Terry Bauman from Pennsylvania

Yvette Dickey from California

Ura & Betty Gingerich from Missouri

Donna Markham from Missouri

Vianey Pineda from Georgia

Lenin Tenorio & Marina Mercado from Tennessee




  1. Laura Lynn & Gary Martin from Millbank, ON $1000
  2. Florence & Elo Sauder from Wallenstein, ON $750
  3. Traian & Carolyn Florica from Kingsville, ON $500
  4. Martha Siemens from Emo, ON $250
  5. Betty & Cliff Holborn from Devlin, ON $100



Betty & Cliff Holborn from Devlin, ON $300



Karla & Michael Ans from Devlin, ON                                                  $100












November Reliv Blog Contest


After yesterday’s big announcements, Reliv Distributors across the country have a whole new set of goals to end 2015. (Anyone interested in a trip to Cancun?)

So we wanted to ask: What goals have you achieved since you first discovered Reliv?

  • Optimal health to get the most out of each day?
  • Weight lost, energy regained?
  • Extra income to help make ends meet every month?
  • Escape from an unrewarding corporate job?
  • Freedom to lead the lifestyle of your dreams?
  • All of the above?!


Let us know what specific life goals Reliv has helped you achieve by leaving a comment below. We’ll draw winners from among the responses and send you a Reliv prize!


You Did It!


by Reliv Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales Don Gibbons

Boy, do I love it when I get to say those words to someone. “You did it.” You set your goals. You worked your plan. You broke through and decided you could believe in yourself. You did it. You really did it. Just two short months ago at International Conference in St. Louis, I had the opportunity to say that over and over again! Continue reading “You Did It!”

Go Back to School with Reliv


by Reliv Senior Vice President of US Sales Don Gibbons

Power up your home business with Reliv Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS).

Follow this logic:

  • You want to build an INCOME-producing asset: a Reliv business.
  • To do this, you ADVANCE in the Reliv Director Program, a recognition program that celebrates your business growth.
  • Advancement is based upon OVERRIDES. To advance, you must grow your override check.
  • Overrides are paid on volume generated by the MASTER AFFILIATES in your organization.
  • Logically then… you add Master Affiliates, you increase your income.

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