Positive Attributes: Qualities to Cultivate

Reliv Presidential Ambassador Karen Turner (left)  shared some powerful advice at a breakout session during the Austin National Conference.
She reminded Distributors to surround themselves with the kind of people who will enrich and support their business. It’s a great reminder to us all about what qualities we want to cultivate, and which ones should be avoided.

Karen suggests that you cultivate relationships with people who are:

Focused–set goals, keep commitments, want success
NOT people who are wishy-washy, don’t show up or are superficial

Willing to work hard–are self-motivated, driven, inspiring, natural leaders
NOT those who become complacent, lazy, or easily discouraged

Ready to do it now–have time management skills, get organized
NOT procrastinators, wait until tomorrow types, or those who waste time

Enthusiastic–are excited, passionate, and have a great imagination
NOT low energy, very dull, too tired or uncaring

Grateful–are appreciative, thankful, respectful, complimentary
NOT angry, upset, insensitive or overly critical

Confident–are courageous, secure, sensible and levelheaded
NOT timid, afraid of failure, upset, overly cautious or unsure

Self-responsible–learn from mistakes, are adaptable, flexible and opportunity focused
NOT excuse makers who blame others or are insulting

Teachable–are humble, other focused, plugged into the system
NOT prideful, ego-driven, self-centered and make things all about themselves

Team Builders & Players–work in harmony, are peacemakers, network well and are fun
NOT contentious, who bring too much drama, cause problems and argue

Positive–focus on success, are realistic, truthful and have a “How can I?” attitude
NOT negative, fearful, doubtful, lacking vision or are very dependent on others


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Reliv National Conference Prizes

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